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Our goals are to make the process of buying and selling property targeted easier and affordable and to donate a significant % of all net profit to the not-for-profit sector.

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A Tribe Is Only As Good As Its Merit

A Tribe Is Only As Good As Its Merit

Posted 04 October 2017

A Tribe Is Only As Good As Its Merit

We are really excited to announce that part of the genesis strategy of Next Address is about gratitude and paying it forward. This might not be something you would expect from an Aussie startup in the digital space, but we are here to do more than disrupt and transform a Real Estate industry. Whilst we are a humble lot, Next Address has elements important to us that you the public might like to know about.

Normally the practice of big business doing their "bit" will result in a small percentage of the billions of bucks in revenue going towards a charity or good cause. But for us, philanthropy is part of our genesis, from the get-go, it's in our bones and is an ethical return to the community in which we operate.

According to the Australian Business Review most Australian not-for-profits set out to obtain a third of their funding each year from philanthropists and philanthropic organisations. And just as with the other two-thirds of this funding, which come from governments and corporates, it is a highly competitive environment. "As philanthropists consider their options regarding what social needs to support, or continue to support, the more successful not-for-profits use marketing to help them decide." (insert link- http://sbi.sydney.edu.au/future-week-22-september-2017/)

And the Australian Charities Report shows us that Australian charities have dominant sources of income - government, giving and other income (including income from  sales and investments). Only 8.3% of the charity sector's total income comes from philanthropy.

So what about the little guys? The folks out there that want to make a significant change but don't have the million dollar marketing budget to stimulate philanthropic efforts? Or hospitals that are better equipped to spend money on much-needed equipment than having to run trivia nights and squeeze budgets? Philanthropic gain has become a corporatized model in order to keep up. For some with a passion to make change this means crumbs are collected from under the corporate dining table. This is set to change for the community groups and hospitals chosen by Next Address.

Our company is the brainchild of founder Julie O'Donohue, created with the vision of building an affordable, simple real estate platform that is transparent, trustworthy and laden with integrity. Wielding state of the art -matching- algorithms unseen before now,  our passion is people, and Next Address connects buyers and sellers directly to each other enabling a positive real estate experience.

Julie says it is a Community philosophy that is about connecting with people and giving back in a meaningful way that gives Next Address its foundations.  "Events in the community to raise money for larger organisations is really saturated. It makes sense to us that if you have a company that is making good profit that can contribute directly; then the organisation in need of funds can get on with doing what they do best rather than get tied up in the business of raising capital and events management. It's empowering for those wanting to make a difference. Next Address is committed to making a significant contribution."

Giving is no new gig for our lovely founder who has worked in the Not for Profit landscape since uni days. "I started working with children with disabilities in Melbourne, and my heart was hooked!" The passionate Businesswoman and Mother also worked with the Red Cross, Ballarat Cancer Research Centre (now renamed the FECRI) and the Ballarat Cycle Classic which to date has raised 1.6 million dollars.

"We want to maximise technology to create efficiencies in the real estate sector but even more so we want to give back to community & shareholders. We are helping people in the community to sell their properties and buy new homes. These communities will also face challenges and societal issues, as any tribe does and we see Next Address as a part of that tribe. Therefore we see ourselves as part of the solution." says Julie. "There are some incredibly exciting and passionate people in our community trying to make a difference and we are really looking forward to announcing those selected very soon."

Pretty refreshing wouldn't you agree? To become a part of the Next Address Tribe go to https://nextaddress.com.au/

A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate."

# Seth Godin, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us
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