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Selling A Home During the Covid19 Ongoing Situation

Selling A Home During the Covid19 Ongoing Situation.

Posted 27 May 2020

Sell your home - let's explore a way during Covid19.

It's a tricky time for us all - even more so if you need to sell a home. So, how do you navigate selling a home during this time Covid19, social distancing and get your home sold?

Our solution is to take your home for sale into the buyer's lounge room!

The basic rules of selling your home - you need as many people as possible to look at your home.  The social distancing rules have been relaxed slightly, but we are all still nervous about having people in our home. 

You understand online marketing is vital to selling your home, but you also know buyers need to inspect your home.

So how do you market your home in the best possible way? And at the same time get as many buyers as possible and the right buyers to inspect your home?

The answer - A Virtual Property Tour and Virtual Marketing

'Virtual Tours' enable you to take your home directly into the safety and comfort of the buyers own lounge room. There are now established networks of photographers who offer virtual tour photography who all work remotely. They all

  • Follow Covid19 health and safety requirements, including social distancing. 
  • All equipment is sanitised before and after all the shoots.
  • Only one photographer is required. 
  • Photography shoots can be completed without the owner being present or maintain the 4-metre social distancing requirements.

A Virtual Tour and Virtual Marketing give you the best option to get as many eyes on your home for sale in this very challenging climate. 

The significant features of this technology are the affordability and the quality of the product. Starting at under $400 for a two-bedroom unit or home.  

You will receive within 48/72 hours, the full virtual tour of your property ready to upload to all major real estate portals. 

Also provided are all the high-resolution photographs you need of both internal and external shots, plus the floor and site plans. The image used in this blog is taken directly from a virtual tour.

Once completed, you have all the necessary visual marketing you need to market your home and ready for use on all the major real estate portals. You even get a floor plan as standard. 

Virtual Tours and Marketing Feature

Once uploaded to the real estate website, buyers can fully explore your home 'virtually' in the comfort of their own home. There is no need for '3d special glasses'.  It is a simple click of a link, and the buyer is off exploring their potential new home.  As buyers explore your home, they can identify if it suits their style and needs. They can revisit a number of times. 

Potential buyers also move down the 'buying' journey, becoming emotionally connected to your home. They are one more step down the buyer journey.

They have walked through your home virtual; they know the basic layout, they can explore without an agent or you.  When they do choose to inspect your home, this can be managed by maintaining the required social distancing. You don't even need an estate agent present.

At NextReality3d, we know Virtual Property Tours are a solid solution for you and the buyer of your home. These are some of the virtual tour statistics.

1. 87% more online buyers will view a home with a Virtual Tour than one with just photos
2. Buyers will look at your home for 5 to 10 times longer if it has a virtual tour as part of the marketing
3. 130% increased chance a buyer will book a one on one inspection
4. Buyers who do inspect are already emotionally connected to the property
5. Virtual tours service remote buyers - international, tree and sea changers

Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality can and will continue to help us navigate our way through this health crisis.

At NextReality3d, we create a virtual tour, provide all the high-resolution photographs, external site and internal floor plans. The tours even come with a measuring tool; buyers can even see if the fridge fits!

We have specialised photographers in all states ready to work with you.

Selling a house is stressful enough without the added issue of Coronavirus.  Make your buyers happy and reduce your stress with a Virtual Tour today.

So if  'selling my home privately' has crossed your mind - our platform and virtual tours and marketing strategy are a perfect way to present your home.  They are standard feature when you use Next Address to sell your home.

Call or email us if you would like to know more 1800 316611 

Julie O'Donohue
NextReality3d and NextAddress

Updated 27th May 2020

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