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Are you looking to buy in Regional Victoria?

Next Address can help.

Let us help you find a property in regional or country Victoria

Are looking to buy a regional property in Ballarat or Geelong, Warrnambool to Mansfield?  Are you looking for a tree or sea change?  


These are just some of the benefits


More room for your kids 

Space for your home office  

Plenty of parking

No peak hour rush 

Relaxed lifestyle 

Well rounded education

Value for money


Next Address is a regional business and can help you today.  We know how good it is to live in a regional area. Our strong network of ethical property partners will help and guide you to find the right regional or rural property for sale. Our partnerships cover many areas including Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Mansfield and Warrnambool.  


You will find our property partners act with integrity and will take the time to fully understand your personal and family needs. We also use smart technology to give you control, reduce your costs and save money.  Our network has helped 100's of families make the move.


Reach out to us TODAY and we will help with your property journey.

Next Address was created because our CEO saw a need for a more ethical, 

transparent,technology-driven service, so she created her own.

You can read the full story here.

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