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How to buy a house

Are you looking to buy a house?

As a home buyers you want to maximise your outcome and find a house as quickly as possible. You are active and online.  At Next Address, we have created a system which connects people to property and have embraced social marketing as the way forward for finding the house you need.  

The best part is you can search for the home of your dreams but our system will find the best house which matches you. 

We do this via our online matching system which connects buyers directly with sellers and or agents. No barriers and no gimmicks. You fill out the profile for your dream home, and we will send suitable matches right to your inbox. See a home you like? Make a time to inspect. 

We have all your information needs covered. With blogs on everything from building inspections, through to a contract of sale, negotiating a sale and saving your deposit. 

Plus you can ask us anything, and we will respond honestly and ethically. Just jump on our chat below.


'Let's also be very clear: we are not a real estate agency. The Next Address team know our method
is a simpler and more affordable way to find a house to live in!'

Buying or leasing a home has never been so simple.

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