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Julie O'Donohue and the Next Address Story

It was a typical August late afternoon in Ballarat, and as usual, I was walking my dog, Tilly. By typical, I mean a tad cold! No jokes, please!

I was reflecting on my own and a friend's real estate experiences: they were both unpleasant stories - poor service and advice,
minimal communication, no control or trust and high costs.

One major problem for her had been the property valuation. Her property was over-valued by more than 20% and then marketed by three real estate agents at this price or below. The result being the home was on the market for over six months.

I was pretty angry on her behalf. She was stressed and anxious and had bought another home. At the same time, I was buying a property. The Agent undersold this home to me. He wanted it sold, and within 24 hours of making an offer, I had a signed contract at $30K less than the asking price. I didn't even have to make a second offer.

All this made me reflect on the real estate industry in general. Its methods and approaches lack transparency and choice, and there is undoubtedly not much collaboration with the property owner.

I also need to mention I have worked in the real estate industry for a couple of years. So all these client scenarios were familiar to me. I had seen this plus more all before.

As I continued to walk, I had an idea.....

What if we could

  • give people more options, control and choice when selling
  • build something like car sales 
  • Find and connect with conscientious and highly skilled agents we would happily trust.

As I walked, the idea grew. How could we

  • Give buyers and sellers control and save them money and time?
  • Use technology to streamline all the processes?
  • Ensure the right valuation on the home was provided at the start of the sales process?
  • Increase the real estate customer satisfaction rate?
  • Use Virtual Tours to showcase the homes and save everyone time.

I also thought the business could give back to worthy charities and social enterprises as soon as possible.

When I got back home, I announced to anyone who wanted to listen (just the dog did) that I thought I had come up with a pretty good idea:

"What if there was a way to match and connect buyers and sellers, a website with virtual tours, a communication dashboard and clever automation."

What if we could substantially reduce all the friction and enable the buyers and sellers to communicate directly. And have highly skilled property professionals ready to provide the correct advice and support when needed.

Was this possible?

It would be like a ride-sharing or accommodation booking website.

I sat around my kitchen with my kids and brainstormed the concept and name. I registered the domain name www.nextaddress.com.au that very night. We even registered the website nextpaddock.com.au!

I continue to be very excited about what we are and can achieve for buyers and sellers with Next Address.

For more about my journey and me, check out https://nextaddress.com.au/blog/julie-and-the-next-address-story.

Let's get your home sold for the best possible price, in the shortest possible time, in the smartest way possible. 

Our promise is you will experience

  • Control
  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Information and knowledge 

You will have money and time.

We are focused on giving you the highest quality online property marketplace experience.


  • Smart tech
  • 3D Virtual Tours
  • Online marketplace solutions
  • Efficiencies
  • Think Next Address

Our professional network ensures you get the best possible support, services and advice. Our Community Forum and our blogs cover topics from saving to extensive negotiating tips. Ask us anything, and we will respond honestly and ethically. Our focus is to support you in selling your home as quickly as possible.

Join us, and together we will reinvent how real estate is bought and sold in Australia.

Julie O'Donohue

Now let's meet the team.

Julie O'Donohue: CEO - Board Director

Linda O'Hagan: Accounting

John Weste: Advisory

Vicky Young: Board Director - Marketing

Jacob Cooper: Customers

Julie Ross: Code and development

Natasha Barber: Design

Lisa Stark: Strategy and Sales

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