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If you are currently working in sales, communications, the real estate industry or have just wanted to give working in the sector a go, this opportunity could be for you.

We are a wholly Australian owned company. Our values and ethics drive our brand. Our purpose is to create a more ethical, sustainable and affordable real estate service for all Australians.

What is a Next Address Property Partner

A Next Address Property Partner is an innovative way for those who have been in the real estate space, real estate agents looking for a new career path within real estate.

Next Address Property Partners assist clients in selling, finding and negotiating the sale of a home, but with one clear financial benefit. You take home 80% of your commission. 

The other reason to consider working with Next Address is you access the benefits and innovation of the Next Address Platform. This includes access to efficient, time-saving admin automation, valuation and advertising tools, training, matching technology and networking, to name a few. 

There is one more significant plus - our values and ethics drive every decision we make.

What is the Next Address?

Next Address is an online real estate community where people can buy and sell their own homes or find a highly skilled ethical professional to provide the support and assistance needed to manage and secure a successful sale.

The platform provides access to all the information needed to make decisions, obtain valuations, and advertise a home for sale online on all popular real estate platforms (as well as Next Address). With Next Address, you can negotiate the sale and close the deal, as well as manage your rental properties.

The flexibility and transparency of our model, our matching of buyers and sellers, and the autonomy we give our customers and agents set us apart. With our proprietary technology, we are bringing the real estate industry into the modern era. 

We are a wholly Australian owned company with a mission to create a more ethical, sustainable and affordable real estate service for all Australians.

Who Should Join Us?

If you are currently working in the real estate industry, then this opportunity could be for you.


What Are We Looking For?


At Next Address, our values and ethics drive our brand. We don't just want an estate agent, sales professional or anyone who thinks selling properties is a ticket to making money. 

We are looking for people who ooze integrity, are brilliant listeners and embrace change and new technology, but most importantly, people who will never be willing to compromise their values - having a sense of humour doesn't hurt either.


Next Address operates under the principles of integrity, transparency and affordability with the express purpose of transforming the customer real estate experience through smart technology. 

Read our Founders story here.

Read our  Values and Code of Conduct document, and get a greater understanding of our ideals.

Is Next Address For You?

The real estate sector has a poor reputation and is well overdue for a change. It is also one of the few sectors' that has not been hit by significant disruption. That has all changed. A career in real estate is not the same as it once was.

We've all had more time to think about how we want to live our lives, our values, and our drivers during recent events. 

You may want to work select hours or part-time in selling homes. 

You may want more flexibility, to work for a more ethical organisation or experience greater reward for your efforts.

Here at Next Address, we passionately believe real estate is a vitally important community service and a fabulous career for many. We embrace the new changes in the profession and bring a unique mix of traditional and modern real estate thinking. For those who are already in the industry or those looking to become a real estate agent, by joining Next Address, you get the best of both worlds with an eye toward the future.


We want people to be proud to work with Next Address and be happily known as our Property Partners. 


Be the Change You Want to See

Becoming a Next Address Property Partner brings all choices back to you.


For us, it is about working smarter, not harder. Next Address will provide you with the oversight, support infrastructure, training and tools you need to manage your own business of selling homes online.


We bring innovation and choice, and you bring the passion and intense desire to be a part of the movement that is disrupting the real estate sector. 


When you work with Next Address, you know that you will be working with a platform with integrity, a innovative platform and gives you the flexibility and resources you need to be successful.


The Next Address Property Partner Program


We have launched our Property Partner program. 

This means we provide all of the services of any licensed real estate agent to our community through our portal, plus access to our online automated marketing system. 


We are looking for more enthusiastic Property Partners to join our program. A comprehensive document outlining our Partner program is available on request.

Start transforming your career in real estate today. 


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