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Here are some questions our customers ask about selling a home with Next Address.

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How is Next Address different from other real estate selling sites?

Next Address is a Premium Online Service. Our Tailored and Signature packages include high-quality virtual tours, high-resolution internal and external photos and small videos. This feature is even more important due to Covid19.

We also include as standard, floor and site plans and an easily shareable e-brochure. Your property even has its own webpage.

We also believe in giving you the most experienced valuation advice. That is why we have teamed with Greville Pabst and WBP Group Valuation company. Ensuring you know the most accurate price estimate of your home is vital to a successful sale. We don't leave this to chance. Greville was recently given the honour of being named one of the Top 10 Property Advisors in Australia! Greville and his team are experienced, Property Advocates. We trust them to provide you with the right advice and guidance.

Is there anything else unique about Next Address?

We have developed our own 'Smart Match' system which matches and directly connects buyers and sellers.


There is also a sophisticated Communications Dashboard. This allows you to 

  • manage all your documents
  • manage all inspections
  • send and receive messages 
  • negotiate the actual sale.

Is my home advertised on the major real estate websites?

Yes, it is advertised on the major real estate site realestate.com.au as a Featured Listing - the price varies depending on suburb and location as well as some of the minor real estate platforms. 95% of buyers are on these sites.  

Our favourite real estate advertising website is www.homely.com.au. Homely is very affordable. On Homely your home will be advertised as a Platinum Property for as long as it takes to sell. Your home is also advertised on Next Address and across Facebook and Instagram.

We also just don't waste money on unnecessary marketing such as newspapers and magazines. 

What is involved in selling your own home with Next Address?

Selling with Next Address is straightforward
1) Create your property profile
2) Purchase your package which suits you and your needs
3) Manage any inspections and answer potential buyers' questions
4) Negotiate with your buyers to get your property sold!

We have a negotiation tool built into the platform so you can make, receive and negotiate offers with complete confidence and clarity.

We have loads of resources and practical tips so you have everything you need to sell your home successfully. If you're unsure about anything, you can contact us via our online chat facility or give us a call on 1800 31 66 11.

How do we arrange inspections and receive offers through Next Address?

Just the same as a normal home for sale.  You make contact and arrange a time.  We strongly encourage you to create your profile with us and you can communicate and arrange suitable times through the portal. 

Once your profile is created you have access to your communication dashboard.

You can then communicate directly with the owner, ask questions, arrange inspections, request reports such as pest or building inspections and make offers.

When is the best time to buy or sell my home?

The truth is, every market is different so there isn't a straightforward answer particularly in this very tricky Covid19 period.

Many people will be reconsidering their property needs as we move through this time. You may be one of those.

There is an industry saying - try to buy and sell in the same market. If your own home doesn't get the price you thought it would, the home you buy will most likely have also dropped in value

How do I know how much to sell my home for?

Giving you the right advice on the worth of your home is vital. Included in our Signature Package is a Greville Pabst Independent Comprehensive Property Research Report.  We complete a valuation estimate for you based on the current conditions.  We also complete a Statement of Information for sellers in Victoria.  This is a requirement by law. This is uploaded to your page by us.

With 20 years of experience in valuing properties across Australia, we want you to get this right. This can also be bought as an upgrade for our two other packages.

How do I know how much to value my home for?

Using the Greville Pabst Independent Comprehensive Property Research Report provided should give you a very clear picture of the value of the home. If you are in any doubt then we advise you to commission your own valuation. Your bank will do this before your loan is approved.

Have many Australians bought and sold their own home without an agent?

Over the past 20 years well over 200,000, Australia's have sold their own home online paying no commission and saving on expensive marketing fees. The added bonus is they have also experienced full control and complete transparency over the whole process.

Aussies have been a bit behind the rest of the world in this area. In most other countries 25% to 35% of homeowners sell their own home online. It's time we caught up and saved ourselves some money.

How do I know I will get the right support?

Access to the right guidance and advice is simply a phone call or chat away. We will ensure you have all the information you need to ensure a successful result. Our Next Address forum is also a source of expert advice and this service is freely available to all.

Remember too, we can link you up with the team at Greville Pabst Property

Do I get my money back if my home doesn't sell?

We offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with our service. You can express any concerns with our service (we hope this isn't the case ☺), or to request a refund in writing so long as it's within 90 days from the date of your registration. For more information, please refer to our Refund Policy.

Why do some estate agents say 'owners' don't get the best price when the sell?

It is in their interests to say this but the opposite is true. In an Industry-based survey, 26% of sellers sold below the price quoted by their estate agent with 4% not selling at all. (Core logic 2015 survey)

There are no guarantees a real estate agent will sell your home for a higher price than using Next Address. If you do choose to use a real estate agent, it is guaranteed you'll lose up to 2.5% of your sale price (sometimes higher) in agent commissions.

In many cases, you will also pay much higher marketing fees.

The DIY real estate industry customer satisfaction rate is over 85%. (Internal surveys) This compares to the general real estate industry where the satisfaction rates hover around 65%. (Core logic 2015 survey)

I still don't think I am the right type of person to sell my own home so what should I do?

Selling your own home is NOT for everyone for a range of very different reasons. You may be time-poor, or just not comfortable dealing with people. Other reasons could be the property is rented and you are not able to conduct inspections. 

We have you covered. We have professional Property Partners who we have selected and work under our ethics and values.  They are ready to discuss and provide the level of support and advice you need.

Do I need a solicitor/conveyancer?

Both buyers and sellers need a legal representative as every real estate sale, requires a legal transfer of ownership. The real estate agent doesn't arrange this - you do. In most Australian States, this is called a Contract of Sale.

We recommend Settle Easy - an online conveyancing service.

What is my next step?

Simply sign up and create your profile. Together, let's get your home sold.

REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Please note that you are in breach of Privacy Laws and the Terms and Conditions of Usage of our site, if you contact a Next Address seller with the intention to solicit business i.e. You cannot contact any of our advertisers other than with the intention to purchase their property. If you contact an advertiser with any other purposes, you are also in breach of The SPAM and Privacy Act where you are "Soliciting business from online information produced for another intended purpose". If you believe you have a buyer for our seller, we kindly request that you direct your buyer to the www.nextaddress.com.au or refer them through by calling 035331 4829. Also please note, our sellers are aware that they do not need to, nor should they, sign any real estate agent contracts in the promise that they will be introduced to a buyer. (Terms & Condition).

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