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Virtual Tours and Selling your home

How Next Address Virtual Tours help you stand out

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Virtual tours and great photographs are a feature of our Tailored and Signature packages.

Virtual Tours give your property an enormous marketing advantage. Buyers no longer need to go through the hassle of booking inspection times and travel; they can quickly and easily explore your property as though they were actually walking through it.

Additionally, as a Seller, 3D tours of a home for sale help ensure that buyers, who arrange to inspect your home, are truly interested in purchasing. This is why we strongly recommend utilising our virtual tour technology to give you a competitive edge as you sell your home online.

We offer comprehensive all-in-one virtual tour and integrated marketing services in our two main packages.

How 3D Tours give you an edge

  • Houses for sale with a virtual tour have 87% more people look at the property
  • Buyers look at a virtual tour for 5 to 10 times longer than other photographs
  • 130% increase that the buyer will inspect the property
  • Buyers who do inspect are more emotionally connected to the property
  • Showcases your property to buyers, anywhere, any time - regional or international
  • Buyers can review the property again at home, making the decision process quicker and more efficient

Our Virtual Tour Packages include

  • 3D Virtual Immersive property tour - click here to view
  • 30+ high resolution internal and external photographs
  • 360D visuals
  • Digital floor plan
  • Digital full-colour 3D dolls house plan
  • External Digital site plan

Our Property Website Benefits

  • A Modern and Stylish Property webpage - click here to view
  • Listed on Next Address
  • Ready to link to any major real estate website

Additional Features of the 3D Tour package

  • Fortnightly analytic reports
  • Location map
  • Automatically uploaded to all major real estate platforms
  • Embedded digital measuring tape (let's see if the fridge fits!)
  • A handy guide for sellers with tips on how to prepare the property for the photographer
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