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Is Winter the Perfect Time to Sell?

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Is Winter the Perfect Time to Sell
Posted 25 June 2024
Selling a home in winter might seem challenging with fewer properties on the market and buyers less inclined to venture out in the cold. However, this season can offer unique advantages for both sellers and buyers.

Julie O'Donohue from Next Address Daylesford highlights a significant benefit of winter listings: "With fewer properties available, agents can dedicate more time and effort to each listing, providing 100 percent focus for vendors."

Winter can also reduce competition among sellers, as fewer homes are listed. This means your property might stand out more. "There are still motivated buyers around," O'Donohue notes. "You tend not to get the tyre-kickers and people just looking. They all tend to be seriously committed if they're going out in the cold to look."

For buyers, winter offers some distinct advantages. All the necessary professionals, such as stylists, mortgage brokers, pest inspectors, removalists, and tradies, are typically more available. Additionally, buyers can immediately assess a home's condition regarding warmth, dampness, or mould.

"Vendors need to present their property as warm and cosy as possible," says O'Donohue. "They have to work harder to make it inviting. But with the leaves coming off trees, some apartments, or even houses, might have better views."

Lloyd Lawton of Jellis Craig Fitzroy in Melbourne agrees. He points out that winter can place vendors at an advantage due to less competition. "They'll be on the market in isolation rather than in strong competition," Lawton says.

While winter might not traditionally be seen as the best time to sell a home, there are compelling reasons why it could be the ideal season. With focused agents, committed buyers, and less market competition, winter offers unique opportunities for both sellers and buyers.


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