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Are you thinking of moving to Regional Vic

Are you thinking of moving to Regional Vic?

Posted 18 September 2020

It could be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

My family relocated to Ballarat 17 years ago, and it was the best decision for our family and our work. The benefits were immeasurable and significant - substantial employment opportunities and scope to set up your businesses.  I am on my second and third business's, which morphed from my first.  

This one is Next Address, which can advise and support you to make a move to the country, as well as help you sell your existing home and NextReality3d, a Virtual Marketing company. 

We can provide unbiased advice on everything from suburbs and schools to connections with businesses. We have relationships with local experts and a team of Property Partners who know the regional areas.   

Now more than ever, it is even more compelling, and the work-life balance is even better.  Let me explain.

1. Lifestyle.

Imagine living eight minutes from your work or eight minutes from your next surf. That's what living on the Bellarine/Geelong or in the Central Highlands/Ballarat regions gives you. Living in regional areas gives you back time. This time can be spent with family, friends and on yourself. 

Regional areas have all you need from education through to health. From public transport to employment options.

2. Where can and what do I do for work?

When I originally wrote this article, it was pre-COVID.  Now the working from home opportunities and benefits are even more significant. As for employment opportunities, these continue to grow in regional areas with many government departments relocating as well as Start-Up incubators such as Runway Geelong and Ballarat in the mix. 

From agriculture through to technology hubs. From start-up communities through to traditional services like education and health. Plus those needing to work in Melbourne CBD, an easy rail commute is available.

Ballarat has innovative start-ups like   Plate-Up Ballarat  and  Gekko Medical investing in new ideas.  There are companies like mine,  Next Address,  who are passionate about smart innovation and tech.

Regional areas like Ballarat are enjoying sustainable employment expansion. If you are considering a move reach out to a local agency such as Inspire HQ  to give you a picture of the opportunities.

Then you have the tertiary education sector in both cities providing not only employment but also excellent education for all. All these sectors are providing robust and growing employment opportunities for regional residents.

3. Can I afford this home?

Forget Melbourne, where the median house prices have soared and are continually increasing. Regional areas such as Ballarat, Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surfcoast offer affordable housing opportunities. You can buy in all these areas for significantly less than most areas of Melbourne. Greville Pabst (The Block) recently reviewed these areas as providing excellent opportunities for both investment and lifestyle.

Housing choices such as this allow you to create a balanced lifestyle for you and your family. Government incentives are significant, and securing home loans due to affordability is an important consideration.

As for the variety of homes, from classic to modern, from lifestyle to the heritage, the choice is vast. From the established location where there are some beautiful homes available to the cutest cottages, there is something for everyone in all these locations.

There is a home for every family.

4. Ten minute peak hours.

It's unbelievable to think of 'peak hour' lasting for only 10 minutes, but this is a regional living reality. Travelling across both these regional cities takes less than 25/30 minutes from one side to the other, so accessing services and facilities is easy. Accessibility means more excellent choice from employment to education, what sporting activities you can offer yourself and your children through to restaurants and lifestyle decisions.

5. So childcare for the littlies.

What are the options? Less expense and just as many opportunities and possibilities as your city counterparts. From home-based childcare through to government childcare services, they are all available in regional areas like Geelong and Ballarat.

6. What about the quality of the schools?

From Ballarat Grammar to Kardinia College, the choices are enormous. The quality of the government schools to the range of regional Catholic colleges provides ample opportunity to find the school to suit your family. All are achieving exceptional results for their students. And the best part is they are all at your fingertips. No long commutes for the kids and another bonus is the lower school fees.

'find the right school to suit your family.'

7. Can we all get around quickly and easily?

Regional areas all have excellent public transport networks both locally and regionally. Both Geelong and Ballarat regional rail offers CBD commuters a reliable service. Work while you commute, listen to the latest inspirational podcast, whatever suits you. Knowing as you travel are not needing to deal with the traffic out on those freeways ever again.

8. We will be able to fly again.

Living on the Bellarine, you have access to Avalon airport within 20 minutes of Geelong CBD. And roughly an hour away for both Ballarat and Geelong residents is Tullamarine International Airport. Holidaying or travelling for work could not be easier.

So,  as we move towards the end of COVID lockdown in both regional Victoria and metro Melbourne, it is time to reflect on the opportunities out there.  Your new lifestyle is just a phone call away.

Julie O'Donohue

Next Address

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