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How to Style Your Home for Sale Like a Pro  Part One

How to Style Your Home for Sale Like a Pro - Part One

Posted 12 February 2020

Property Styling - Part One

Selling a home is a big undertaking. This article covers off the fundamental reasons you should declutter and style your home and how you can achieve this in a low-cost manner. We also explore each area and give you the best tips and suggestions for each one.

It is widely recognised property styling significantly increases your chances of reaping the highest possible sale price, and with a little planning, you can style your home yourself. To get your property sale and picture-perfect, read this article drawn from a terrific Houzz article on property styling.  

Let's explore.

Why style your property?

Statistics show making a house look its best by placing furniture and decorations in the most attractive positions will help sell a home quicker and potentially for a higher amount.

When it's our place, we often place furniture where it suits us, not what looks best. As well, we also tend to collect furniture. But now is the time to declutter.

Look at your home without rose cloured glasses, ask a valued friend who has an eye for decorating to give you his or her thoughts. Check out magazine trends. And remember, LESS is MORE. 

The less you have in the home, the bigger it will look. Plus the buyers can imagine their furniture and personal items more quickly if there is minimal furniture.

How much can it cost to style a property?

Professional styling costs usually start from around $2,000 for basic six-week packages for small properties. Prices can rise to more than $10,000 to fully furnish and decorate large homes. 

However, if you have a knack for interior styling and the time to do it, it's more than possible to style your home yourself. Our goal is to give you some fabulous information to help you sell a home. 

If you need advice reach out to Next Address as we have loads of contacts and information.

Who are your target buyers?

Professional property stylists ask this question. Before you get excited and hit your favourite homewares magazines for inspiration, identify your target buyers. Does your home - and its location - appeal to investors, professionals, young families or downsizers? Different demographics have different needs, and it's wise to reflect these in your styling.

If your target market is professionals, it could help to dress up a small nook as an office; though if you're appealing to families, you might be better to present it as a nursery.

Tip: Take inspiration from magazines and use tools like Pinterest to check out the latest design ideas. 

Select a colour scheme

Property Styling is easier if you follow the basic rules. Sticking to a colour palette creates instant cohesion. Start by taking a look at each of your rooms. Does one colour keep reappearing? Or does your home have features which must be considered such as this brick wall? 

The most common advice we see from all the property styling professions is to stay neutral.

Add your colour with cushions and artwork yet keep the significant pieces simple.  After choosing your colour scheme, remove all unnecessary furnishings that don't fit your new selling look.  This process helps to keep the home manageable through the sale process.

Tip: Simplify the look and style to make the process easier for all.

If in doubt, white it out - 

Choosing a colour scheme can be daunting, so if you feel out of your depth, go for white. White also gives the illusion of a larger space and brightens a home - two qualities highly prized in real estate.

The neutral look is sometimes snubbed for being overly safe, but selling a home is not the time to get adventurous with colour - If you let that teenage daughter paint a wall a feature colour now is the time to get the paint tin out again. Leave nothing in your home which has the potential to distract or put doubt in the buyer's mind.  

Tip: With so many cheap options for window furnishings through to rugs and cushions, investing a small amount on achieving a design look will certainly help your home sell. 


The most crucial rule in property stying is to declutter. If an object does not add beauty or have a functional purpose, it needs to be hidden or removed.

Decluttering applies to large furniture such as the heritage sideboard recently inherited or the third television in the study.  Less is more.  You are moving so you may as well empty the sideboard and store it away ready for its next home. 

Don't decorate or furnish too much. The idea is to showcase the spaces you have so they look the best for all potential buyers.

Tip: Remove all photos and personal objects - you want buyers to imagine themselves living there, not you.

Drawing up a budget

Selling a home has expenses. From marketing fees, if you are selling a home yourself too agents commissions, taxes and charges.  There are the legal requirements and stamp duty on your new purchase.  

Then there are the repairs and maintenance issues you find and finally the property styling. So set yourself a clear budget to do all the above, and your home will sell with minimum fuss.

There are now companies who can support the financial burden of the selling process, reach out to the Next Address team to see if we can assist you.

Cutting the costs

Keeping your costs contained and avoiding budget blowouts is essential. 

Use what you already have to style your home: a creative eye, artfully arranged coffee table books, homewares, collectables and greenery. Magazines are often a great source of inspiration.

Instead of buying fresh flowers before every open home, rein in your expenses by purchasing flowering potted plants, which will flower for the duration of your marketing campaign.  Choose a scented variety to add a bit of fragrance to the home.

Don't forget to add a pure, fragrant candle to the mix. Op shops and online marketplaces are teeming with items and bohemian bargains that can be used as unique styling props.  If you're buying new furniture or decor, don't underestimate affordable stores for the decorating basics.
Tip: Borrow from an Auntie the lovely lamp she has in the corner.  Most people are thrilled to think they can help you sell your home with the help of their unique items.

Next Steps

Most buyers are focussed on two main areas: the living and entertaining areas, then to the kitchen.  The bedrooms, then bathrooms come next. Focus your efforts in that order. In Part Two, we explore each area room by room.

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