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We are on the market and you can own a piece of us.

We are on the market and you can own a piece of us
Posted 30 April 2018

Next Address will forever change the way we buy and sell real estate. 

Across the globe businesses are being built on platforms: two-sided markets which are revolutionising our lives. Next Address has just added its name to this revolution. 

Next Address use advanced algorithms to match real estate buyers and sellers and then it directly connects these customers to each other. It is a customer focused, transparent, ethical company and is streamlining and reducing real estate transaction costs.

Next Address allows customers to interact directly with each other, removing unnecessary costs and processes.

Over three years ago, I was walking my dog, Tilly. I was reflecting on a friend's real estate experience as well as my own. Nothing had changed since I had left the industry in 2005.

We experience

  • Poor communication channels 
  • Low-level use of technology
  • Minimal transparency
  • Significant expenses
  • Wasted time

The most critical issue for me though was there was no buyer focused website.

In my work, I was creating great websites and using social media to market and promote services. Socially I was using ride-sharing apps and online accommodation sites. So why couldn't we use this thinking in real estate?

I started to research the state of play, the raw numbers and the more I researched, the more apparent it became that a paradigm shift was needed. I could see that if you maximised technology, you would be able to offer a smarter, straightforward, more cost-effective real estate service.

I also recognised the need to attract talented, smart, flexible thinkers to the team. We have created Next Address with limited funds with all team members holding equity in the business. It is a business made by people for people.

Next Address was born, and the domain name registered that night back in late 2014. We have even registered nextpaddock.com.au, nextspace.com.au and nextrental.com.au, plus a couple more.

The time has come for Australians to have a real estate platform focused on transparency, the customer, on value and delivering exceptional outcomes.

I am genuinely excited by the opportunity equity crowd-sourced funding provides and hope you will join our journey to create an ethical, affordable and transparent real estate platform which at its core is owned by Australians. You can download our offer Document  https://www.birchal.com/company/next-address/invest.

We hope we have inspired you to be part of a huge wonderful shift in how we buy and sell our homes forever.

Kindest regards 

Julie O'Donohue

Investing in Next Address is not without risk. Please read and fully consider the Offer Document and the general risk warnings.




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