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How to buy a house with Next Address

How to buy a house with Next Address

Posted 01 January 2018

How this works: 

  • Buyers and sellers complete a property profile
  • The system automatically review these profiles
  • Buyers and sellers are messaged directly when a match occurs
  • Inspections are arranged directly between buyers and sellers
  • No real estate agents are required. (You do not need or legally require an agent to sell your own property)
  • Excellent blogs and videos from " how to negotiate" to " what is a contract of sale" and a  vendor statement are available.
  • Online support is available.

Step 1

  • Create your Next Address buyer account.
  • Enter your general contact information.
  • Receive a unique secure log in as a buyer.
  • Arrange your finance, then you know how much you can spend. 

Step 2

  • Create comprehensive property wish list: update or change any time.
  • Include your general property needs i.e. suburb, location, type of home, materials, aspect.
  • Include your comprehensive property needs i.e. home style, home age, flooring, heating/cooling, outdoor areas, play areas, garaging, shedding, garden style, carpeting, window furnishings, solar systems and pet area etc.
  • Add preferred unique characteristics and any special needs such as disabled access, dog run etc.

Step 3

  • We match your wish list with properties which match your profile, your price range and suburb.
  • The property link will also display a detailed map indicating all local services, schools, public transport routes, parks etc.
  • Email contact details will be automatically forwarded to all parties for consideration and further action. Personal details are not sent.
  • Every time a new property is registered, the website automatically reviews your profile again for a possible match.
  • Any new matches with contact details are automatically sent to you.

Step 4

  • When you find the the right Next Address, t he negotiations begin.
  • Use our tips and tools to  make an offer.
  • If this home is not suitable, Next Address will keep looking for you.
  • Review and manage your wish list regularly; based on your inspections.
  • Regular reports on your matches will be sent to you.
  • You will receive a property activity report.
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