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Is styling your home for sale important?

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Is styling your home for sale important
Posted 26 March 2018
Whether you are selling your property in spring or any other season, one thing is guaranteed, there will be other properties on the market at the same time. 

Selling property is a competitive business and you can be sure that it is the relative appeal of a property to the purchaser that wins the sale, not the price. If a purchaser really loves a property, they will stretch themselves a little further to make sure they are successful in buying it. 

How do we ensure that the property is irresistible to a buyer? With some careful planning, a sound understanding of what buyers want in a property and what issues can become a distraction.

We must first undertake an objective assessment of how the property appears and try to look at it through buyer's eyes. It can help to photograph the property yourself, from the street and room by room, then sit and look at each image. 
What stands out to you as both positive and negative? 
Are there obvious repairs or maintenance that need to be undertaken? 
Do you get a sense of the space in each room or does it feel cluttered? 
Make a list of issues to address and work you way through them. 

"What stands out to you as both positive and negative?" 

Buyers want to be able to see themselves living in the property and you should want this to happen too, as it is this emotional connection that results in a sale. It is much harder for this to connection to happen when a buyer must see past your personal effects. 

Now is the time to get ready for your upcoming move and pack away your photos and trinkets. Your property should still feel like a home, but clear and clean is the objective - the key is balance.

Buyers want a property that they aspire to live in. They want to be able to share with their family and friends their exciting news that they have bought a home which is better than their current one.  No one wants to go to the cost and hassle of buying and moving house to have more of the same!

Look at other homes for sale in your area, and include new homes in your research. What is on offer and what is the current 'trend' in terms of style and floor plan? 

It is also important to know who is buying in your area - is it mainly young couples, downsizers, growing families? Show your buyer why your house is so great, but remember that this must be according to current expectations. You may have bought the property because of its fantastic pool room, but perhaps that space would be better highlighted as a formal living space in the current market.

A professional stylist who is knowledgeable and experienced in Real Estate and can offer expert advice to assist vendors to identify their target market and objectively highlight a property to its full potential. 

Jo Powell
3Peas Property Styling

Updated on 26/03/2018



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