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Hack Number 11: Doing your 'Home' Work Before You Sell:

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Hack Number 11 Doing your Home Work Before You Sell
Posted 12 March 2022

Hello, Julie O'Donohue here CEO of Next Address! 

Welcome to my Real Estate Hack Series,

Hack Number 11: Doing your 'Home' Work Before You Sell: 

What do I mean? 

Start with a building report so you are fully aware of any maintenance or building issues that may impact the sale of your home. By being prepared you can rectify those issues before you list your home for sale.

The less friction you have with the buyer, the faster and better the outcome for you as a seller.

For example - you had a leaky skylight. Get it inspected and make sure it's properly repaired. Keep a record of who fixed it for you on hand so you could actually present that to the buyer as part of this house process.

A Building inspection creates a more transparent process for all and brings a level of honesty to the selling process. 


Julie O'Donohue 






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