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Expert Profile of the Month - Interior Stylist Martine McEvoy

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Expert Profile of the Month  Interior Stylist Martine McEvoy
Posted 12 April 2017

Martine McEvoy is fondly known by homeowners in Geelong as the SOS queen. 

You have bought your forever home, and something just isn't right, or it needs that something. You have paid your life savings for the home of your dreams, but it doesn't quite feel like yours yet. Not all of us has the creative charm or know how to turn a home into our castle. This is where Martine has turned frowns into smiles and joyful belonging, creating special spaces and places and homes into castles for many.

What started as a career in Visual Merchandising turned into well-known Geelong and Barwon Heads store icon The Red Pigeon, a retail space filled with eclectic home-wares sourced from around the world. These pieces found their way into many beautiful homes, and it was this journey that evolved into a career in exclusive interior design.

"My job is to discover what someone loves, what they don't like, and create a space for them that reflects their happiness, within their budget that makes their heart sing and looks fabulous," says Martine.

She says the latest trend is turning small areas into retreats. "Relaxing library spaces with an art piece, relaxation pod with a selection of favorite things with a cuppa, are proving popular. Nurseries close to the master bedroom has also made a return to the old style living. Many new homes feature these small spaces that are neither a bedroom or a study nook, and I find I am being asked 'What on earth do I do with this?' we then transform it into a favorite place or functional space that is a pleasing addition to the home, both personally and aesthetically. We create a look book and a design brief together so it can be customized, pictures of things you like, colors you love, pick one item and work around it."

We asked Martine what her most valuable piece of advice is for the new home owner, ""once you have purchased your home, inject it with your personality."

What about selling a home? 

When selling a home, good bones will sell a home, but the finer details are the icing on the cake, welcoming homely feel that someone else will want too and are looking for. Remember it is the opposite here, keep things neutral and friendly in terms of presentation with a touch of home.

When buying a home for Martine, it is all about the structure of the home, and the aspect. 

Facing north is important for this style guru, sunlight is essential and a location that suits you. Close enough will never be good enough. Wait for the right thing, which is why Next Address is clever, she says. Finding the perfect fit for happiness is essential.

The location is everything for this mum of three who spends so much time taxi-ing kids to sporting matches and events. Daughter Lucy McEvoy is an AFL rising star, the talented 15 year old is captain to the Falcons and has played for Australia in the under 15s, she is a part of the AFL women journey and Martine and husband Phil along with her brothers couldn't be prouder. 

"We live in a centralized location to the boy's school and work commitments, as well as Lucy, but our place also has a rural aspect which we all love, especially my husband Phil who is a country boy originally." 

Martine's own home is featured in the likes of the Herald Sun, and interior design mags amongst others and she says it is what reflects you. "It is all well and good for your home to be 'designer' perfect, but does it feed your soul? Does it aesthetically feel embracing and warm? Will it have the function you need for your life or family? Psychology tells us that people feel the need to be home, a home is part of our self-definition, it a refuge from everything else, so it is very important that it reflects this to us.

Often she asks people when they have purchased a new home or built a new home- what DONT you like?

Work on transforming that into functionality and happiness and you are on your way!

We asked Martine who her favorite designer currently is and she tells us her her design crush is Abigail OHern. "Everyone has different tastes; I find Abigail's style to be quite masculine and brooding with a touch of industrial quirk. I enjoy her pieces and her flare for using different textures."

To Contact Martine about your interior design call 0400 266 337 and to find out how Next Address can help you find your perfect home go to our buyers information page.



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