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Where do I start if I want to sell my home?

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Where do I start if I want to sell my home
Posted 11 August 2020

Marketing and promoting your home sale can be your most expensive outlay. So it's important you get it right.

Given the vast majority of buyers use online search tools, vendors are quite right to question the role of traditional newspaper advertising in their marketing budget.

This can be difficult when your agent presses you to commit to a print campaign, but here are a few facts and observations to help you out.

According to the Residential Consumer Property Seeker Report, 88 per cent of buyers use online resources to search for their next property. Make sure, therefore, that whatever you do spend on the print medium is proportional to the 12 per cent (or less) of the buyer market who will actually see it. 

And ask yourself, which is getting more exposure here - my house, or my agent's logo?

Also, a little background knowledge on the advertising mediums never goes astray. Essentially, there are two types: 'local', which includes your local newspaper, real estate agent boards and brochures; and 'reach' (so named because it disperses messages far and wide) which covers the internet, metropolitan media and social media. 

They each target different audiences, so it's important to identify your own target audience before deciding which to use, or in what combination.

'Reach' advertising is best suited to time-poor, active buyers, whereas 'local' mediums are more appropriate for passive buyers with the time to relax and digest the imagery and content.

The choice is ultimately yours, but rest assured we're working hard to remove the guesswork for you. By spring, our online portal www.nextaddress.com.au will be live and raring to go. Listing properties 24 hours, seven days-a-week for a fraction of traditional marketing costs, we'll be using innovative peer-to-peer matching to instantly connect you with your ideal buyer. Visit our website to learn more!





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