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What to Do Before You Move into A New House

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What to Do Before You Move into A New House
Posted 27 January 2017

Let's explore some simple actions you need to take when you move into a new house.


Moving into a new home is never an easy process. First of all, you're leaving behind a place that you considered a home up until recently. Still, emotional side of this problem is just the tip of the iceberg. It may sound a bit cold, but during the move, most people are so overwhelmed with minor technical issues that they don't even get to think about anything else. To at least make this aspect of moving a bit easier, here's a short list that sums up most important things you need to do before you move into a new place.

Changing the Locks

First thing first, as soon as you buy or lease a new place, you need to change all the locks. Seeing how your family's safety is at stake, you cannot afford to risk any eventuality. Previous tenants may still have the keys, as well as their friends, relatives and even ex-partners, which is not a reassuring thought. If the money is not a problem, it may even be worth your while to replace all entry doors completely and windows (or at least window locks) while you're at it.

Checking the Installations


Speaking of safety, you may want to check out water pipes and electrical installations in your new home before you move in. This is something we would strongly recommend you do before making a purchase, but better late than never. It's also a good idea to leave this task to professionals.

Cleaning and Painting

Next thing you need to worry about is the hygiene in the home. No matter how immaculate previous tenants or the landlord appear, there is nothing easier than acting or pretending to be neat for a day or two to get a better price. This is why, before you move your family into a new place you need to clean it thoroughly. Floors, bathroom and storage area need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, while with the kitchen you may want to take a different approach. A simple solution of soap water, vinegar should be all that is needed.

To rejuvenate the home and get rid of the odours, you need to paint the walls. Unfortunately, sometimes you won't have enough money to paint the whole place, and in those situations, you might want to turn to accent wall painting. By painting just the wall behind the focal point in your room, you completely alter the impression of your home while spending only one-quarter of both time and resources.

Rearranging the Place


Another thing you may want to do before moving in is rearranged the place a bit. Some rooms may be unnecessarily large, which means that you could make two smaller ones by erecting a single wall. In some areas, you may want to tear down the wall to make one room out of the two. While you're at it, you might also decide to scout the place a bit and see if there are any leftovers from previous owners. If the item that got left behind seems as if it may have sentimental value, you may want to look for a way to return it. Otherwise, you can just claim it for your own or simply throw it away.

Do it Yourself

Finally, you may want to add a bit of personal touch to your new home but have depleted all your budget on one of the previous steps. In these kinds of situations, you will have to resort to DIY projects. Some of the simplest and most fun DIY ideas are self-installation of lighting fixtures, setting up home appliances and even assembling furniture on your own. You can always find different types of furniture and homeware online for each room which can improve your house interior.



Of course, there are many other details you need to worry about, but these few steps cover most major issues you will be facing when moving in. Solving these tasks vigorously and systematically can ensure that you're always on the right path.

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