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What is Property Styling?

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What is Property Styling
Posted 16 February 2016

Want to achieve a quick sale? Presentation is the key

No matter why we find ourselves selling our properties, all vendors' aspirations are the same - to achieve a quick sale and a great sale price. Property Styling is an incredibly useful tool, designed to assist vendors achieve just that.

As the saying goes, we have only one chance to make a good first impression and when it comes to selling real estate, this definitely rings true.

So what exactly is Property Styling and why is it so beneficial?

Property Styling, sometimes called Home Staging, is a systematic method of preparing and presenting a property for sale. The objective of Property Styling is to highlight the positive aspects and amenities of the property and downplay lesser features, all whilst showing prospective purchasers the potential of a space and creating a sense of the lifestyle that accompanies living in the property.

'highlight the positive aspects'

A professional stylist is knowledgeable and experienced in Real Estate and uses this expertise to assist vendors to objectively highlight a property's full potential.

Once reserved for prestige properties, Property Styling has become far more mainstream as savvy homeowners look to give their property an edge in the competitive marketplace.

Property Styling is especially beneficial in making sense of difficult areas in a floor plan, creating liveable spaces and making the house as attractive as possible to the broadest possible audience.

'making sense of difficult areas in a floor plan'

For some of us, some guidance and advice on how best to present the property, how to de-clutter or what repairs, maintenance or improvements should be considered, is all that we need as we would like to complete the actual works ourselves.

For those of us who are time-poor, or who do not live near to the properties we are selling, a reputable stylist will be also be able to arrange/coordinate tradespeople to undertake repairs, cleaning, gardening, or any other required service.

'a reputable stylist' 

Similarly, in some cases, our own furniture and accessories are perfectly suitable and some advice on placement of these items is all that is needed. In other situations, selection and hire of furniture is more appropriate.

Most importantly, the engagement of a stylist should be regarded as part of the overall marketing strategy. As part of your team, working closely with you, they can assist in ascertaining the correct target market for the property, and work with the photographer to produce beautiful campaign images that present the property to best advantage.

Jo Powell
3 Pea's Property Styling




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