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What do millennials want to see in your home decor?

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What do millennials want to see in your home decor
Posted 21 June 2016

And how do we present our home to appeal?

As time passes by, we realise that soon the moment will come when we will have to step back and leave the podium to the newer generations. The generation Y or the so-called millennials are slowly reshaping and reinventing the modern world as we know it and bringing new, fresh and different ideas into every aspect of our lives. So it is time to sit back, relax and see what the Millennials have to offer in the sphere of home décor.

Who Are They?

Many people have a difficult time understanding who are the people classified as the generation Y. Many researchers define this generation as the group who reached early adulthood somewhere around the year 2000. The term Millennials was coined by two authors named William Strauss and Neil Howe, once the children born in 1982 were entering preschool. And while the term is widely spread around the globe, most people still do not realize that these millennials are people we have raised - the people following the generation X.  What is special about the millennials is that they are the first generation growing up completely absorbed in the virtual word.  Dependable of technology and surrounded by the electronic influence, making them the first online generation.

'millennials are people we have raised'

Their Lifestyle.

Sometimes described as narcissistic or even self-absorbed the millennial generation differs quite a bit from its former cohort. But of course, it is more complex than that. Lifestyles are not meant to be understood, but experienced, and like that, millennials are doing their best in experiencing their high-tech, fast-paced life, while trying to put the focus on their needs and desires. They are the generation who wants everything, at this very moment, and they are not afraid to get it. Growing up surrounded by technology has given them need to seek comfort, serenity, and security, but also to try and live their lives in the present moment.

Millennial Home Décor.

The millennials are all about the comfort and convenience, so their living space needs to be designed in the same manner. The home design of the Generation Y should exude with originality, uniqueness, but also with style and organisation. The goal is to create a household that will serve its purpose, be quite practical in every way, but also give that special touch of modern. And while most people look to upgrade and style their homes for sale, millennials are always finding new solutions to decorate their home for the looks of it. As a generation full of confidence it is quite logical why their homes should radiate with it, but they know where to draw the line and create a perfect balance between comfort and convenience. Their households are not vast and plain, but modest, rational and distinctive.

'millennials are always finding new solutions' 

How to Achieve This Look?

And while this new wave of people is slowly introducing their new ideas regarding home décor, it will become essential to learn how to implement this new style into our homes. Becoming one with nature is also one of the top priorities of millennials, and so the use of natural materials in the household is a definite must. The mixture of rustic and modern is the look you should strive for, which is achieved by introducing some color and illumination. Embrace the technology and search for some quality options for lighting online and consider using ambient lighting throughout the place. The importance of decoration is quite expressed but focused mainly on abstract, artistic pieces which are mostly handicrafts and DIY projects. These small, but practical houses should resemble a personal sanctuary with a futuristic twist.

Goodbye Generation X, it is time for the new kids on the block? 

And these kids have it all figured out, or so they say. Instead of overshadowing and criticising their lifestyle choices, perhaps we should try to learn and embrace what they are offering. These futuristic children of the Y generation can teach us a lot, at least when it comes to home décor.

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Author's Bio: Lana Hawkins is a student of architecture and editor-in-chief on Smooth Decorator. She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that's where she gets most of her inspiration. Specialists from JD lighting helped Lana with all the necessary information for writing this article.




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