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Transforming an ugly duckling: Simple steps to creating street appeal

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Transforming an ugly duckling Simple steps to creating street appeal
Posted 05 March 2018

You know what they say... you never get a second chance at making an excellent first impression.

With a few simple tips, property styling will become part of your tools. Creating a bit of wow factor will perhaps never more important than when you're selling a house than in 2020 and beyond. 

This means everything from creating excellent street appeal to decluttering. 

If you're stuck with a home which needs a bit of added street appeal, here are a few simple ways you can transform your home, without breaking the bank. 

  • Paint. 
    A fresh coat of paint is the most effective way of giving your home a facelift. It can transform a dull or dated exterior, and instantly breathe new life into a property. If you're not sure about colours, go for a drive and see what works on similar homes in your area.

  • Focus on your entrance. 
    Make sure the access to your home is clean and welcoming to entice buyers inside. To create a sense of arrival, use potted plants to frame the front door.

  • Get busy. 
    Try to look at your property as a stranger might. If any little jobs need fixing, do them. A long list of small jobs can look like one big, too hard job to a potential buyer.

  • Put effort into your garden. 
    Attractive planting and weed-free gardens indicate to buyers that a house is well cared for and low on maintenance. Remember to keep your lawn areas tidy and watered - dead grass, overgrown pathways and weeds are a real turn-off to potential buyers.

    Don't forget the power of some well-placed pots too.  These can go with you to your new home so don't be afraid to spend a bit extra 

  • Finally, don't forget to clean the windows!

If you want to go a bit further and make a powerful statement on arrival, consider making these changes as well:

  • Driveway and fence.
    These are usually the first things potential buyers see. Resurfacing or repairing a driveway makes a great impression. You can add a border garden and create a smooth path to the front door. Fix, paint or replace the fence with something that suits the style of the house.
  • Fix up the roof.
    Replace any cracked tiles, fix leaks, remove lichen, fix or paint the downpipe and clean out the gutters.
  • Paint or replace your front door. 
  • Create a welcoming entry point with an open door. Bold colours make the house memorable.
  • Add porch furniture.
    An outdoor lounge made from natural wood plus comfy cushions makes the home look relaxing. If you're short on space, a bench seat or windowsill planter boxes can have a similar welcoming effect.

Paying attention to the front of your house can make a big difference in the sale price. Don't underestimate the power of that first impression and how potential buyers see the value in your home.

If you're still in doubt about what your home needs to make a beautiful first impression, a consultation with a qualified interior decorator may be just what you need!

(Updated 19/02/2020)




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