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Selling a home yourself or FSBO is here to stay.

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Selling a home yourself or FSBO is here to stay
Posted 03 November 2015

Mobile technology is transforming the way we date, holiday, travel and now buy real estate.

In the last 10 years, online marketplaces such as Airbnb, Uber and Tinder have made it easier than ever to date, travel and book accommodation. They are now the norm. These companies are at the cutting edge of disrupting traditional ways of doing business and accessing services.

A couple of years ago one of the biggest names in business in the world Sir Richard Branson said  "Real estate is a "ticking time bomb waiting to be decimated by an outside force".

Change is slowly coming to the real estate sector.  As we know, people have become increasingly more comfortable using smart technology such as Facebook live, zoom and virtual tour technology.  This is enabling smart sellers to use this technology to showcase their homes n smarter cost-effective ways.

Forget Tradition

Every user of Next Address has thier own dasboard.

Old Fashion Marketing

The traditional real estate model relies on buyers finding properties through websites, newspapers and street signs, and real estate agents making tens of thousands of dollars in commission for very little effort. 

Next Address automatically matches buyers to properties. It works 24/7 to match the housing wish list of buyers with properties on the site. 

It then connects buyers directly with the sellers rather than waiting for phone calls from agents. You can be anywhere and buy anywhere.

Enter Control

"agent hasn't rung me for a week"

How many times have you heard: 'The agent hasn't rung me for a week', 'I don't know if any ne is interested', 'We only put the house on the market 2 weeks ago and they are already wanting to reduce the price!' 

If you manage the sale, imagine the control you will have and the money you will save.


We have all the resources and tools you need to make the process work for you. And if you still want help, we can recommend negotiators and real estate professionals who we value, trust and have screened.

Next Address is free for buyers and offers two levels of fixed-cost fees for sellers. There's no advertising costs and no commissions.

Next Address is simply a smarter and more cost effective way to buy and sell property.




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