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Sell my house myself - is this easy?

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Sell my house myself  is this easy
Posted 08 August 2021

Reap the Rewards just like Sarah and Chris. Selling your own home is just a click away.  

The For Sale By Owner model has had a makeover.  With smart tech, easy automation and innovative online tools, the idea to sell my house myself is starting to really take off.  

And don't be swayed that you won't make as much as an agent would - this is not the case.  Buyers decide the final price  - not agents. 

Let's explore the benefits and rewards of selling a house yourself and what you need to do to get the best financial outcome.

1. I want to sell my home - what are my options in 2021?

2020/21 has seen us all gain knowledge and confidence in using a massive assortment of online tools.  You can also add selling a home to that list.  Platforms such as Next Address enable sellers to market their homes on the leading real estate platforms, ensuring you have complete control and choice over the whole process. 

You can easily compare Next Address to platforms such as Airbnb. As a seller, you have a dashboard where all the action happens from interested buyers to negotiating offers.  

'Next Address' backs this with their Property Partner network, which provides advice, support and experts who can negotiate the final sale for you. 

The most significant benefit, though, is the price. The cost savings to you are substantial. No Commissions!

2. Getting the sale price right!

Don't be under the impression that agents know the value of your home.  In this very challenging market, estate agents are constantly under and overvaluing homes.  

We highly recommended you thoroughly research your market. First, keep a comprehensive record of all the homes selling around your local area. Then, once a home is sold, it is very easy to google the sale price.  Information is power, and this is one of the best ways to be in complete control. 

We also recommend obtaining a professional property valuation. Greville Pabst from  Greville Pabst Property and WBP Group knows just how necessary this action is. He recommends including an Independent Property Research Report and Valuation as part of your selling arsenal.  They are vital to understanding what the market thinks your home is worth.  

'Plus, we always think our home is worth more than it is! ALWAYS. 
So pop the ego in the top pocket so you can get this house sold.'


A report such as Greville Pabst's draws on a multitude of professional valuation and property sources to give you a more accurate assessment of your property. They will ensure you don't over or undervalue your home and provide you with an element of control and transparency.

3. How to Sell For More? 

Smuk Property Styling Director Phoebe Croucher knows the importance of a de-cluttered property when selling.

Phoebe Croucher from Smuk Property Styling offered this piece of advice "Buyers want to imagine their own family in this home, not yours."

The hardest part is getting your property ready for sale, and the more thorough you are, the better your results be.  The less you have in the home, the bigger the house will look.  You want buyers to imagine their furniture and personal items in this home, and the best way to achieve this is with less furniture.  

Take at least two to four months to prepare your home for sale.  De-clutter, carry out any maintenance or repairs, clean and tidy inside and out. Remember, you are moving, so this is a great way to start packing. 

If you need a bit of support and advice in this area, then consider property styling advice. Smuk offers a very affordable and innovative Virtual Property Styling Service. 

All you need do is provide them with a simple video walk-through of your home.  Do this on your smartphone. Then, send it to them, and they will give you a written report giving you some basic ideas and suggestions.  Additional advice and support are also available.

4. Selling a house in Australia legal responsibilities explored

In Australia, the responsibility to have all the legal documents prepared falls to you, the seller, not the buyer or the estate agent.  

Sales in all Australian State's, require a Contract of Sale or equivalent.  If you fail to have this in place and an offer, you may find a delay could adversely affect the sale.   

The buyer also needs to present this contract to their legal professional team to review before signing.

'The task of preparing and completing the Contract of Sale or equivalent is the responsibility of your legal advisor, conveyancer or lawyer, and it is best to do this before you have people come through the property for sale.' 

Every Australian State has a slightly different set of rules and regulations.  As part of the Next Address system, we can automatically connect you to a legal practitioner to get the legal documentation sorted. Remember, you cannot sell without these documents, and this is the sellers' responsibility, not the estate agent.  

In most Australian states, it is illegal to put your home on the market without legal documents.

5.  Getting ready for Sale Day

When you have inspections, you will spend the whole morning cleaning the house, tidying the kid's playroom, mowing the lawns etc. We want to reduce this painful part. The Next Address philosophy is to get the right buyers through your home and eliminate the tyre kickers. 

Utilising photographic solutions such as  NextReality3D technology to showcase your property ensures you do get the right buyers.  This innovative technology creates a virtual tour of your home, all the photographs including some 360d shots, site and floor plans, as well as a shareable property website.  

Statistically, we know that 2 out of 3 people who view a virtual tour go on to book an inspection. As a result, virtual photography is a standard feature of our marketing.

Here is a link to one of our favourite tours. The owner of this property decluttered, repainted and added new floor coverings to reap substantial financial rewards. Click here

The result is a marketing advantage for your property. All of this can then be market your home on all the leading real estate portals and social media.

With this tech, potential buyers can view and inspect your home online many times, essentially self-screening. By the time they have made an appointment to inspect, they know your home and will have built up an emotional connection to the property.  

The belief that the more people through your home, the better is a fallacy.  What you need is the right people looking for a home like yours.  

6.  Sale Day - Showing buyers your home

The hardest part is now over. So why would you leave your home for 30 minutes for someone else to stand at the door and take names and phone numbers. 

By managing the sale and inspection yourself or being on hand, you can provide any additional information the buyer requires.  

Yes, you are emotionally connected, but that means you know your home the best. This is your home; you know all the features and upgrades made since you purchased it. You know the answers to all the questions a buyer may ask. All this speeds up the process and gives you complete control of the whole process. 

By showing people through your home and then getting direct feedback, you will know if they are interested in buying from you. This feedback can easily be presented via text or email, reducing any emotional reactions.  The key to this part is to be impersonal and professional.  

Follow up emails in the next 24 to 48 hours will enable you to confirm any interest. You will be in complete control of the whole process.

For anyone concerned about managing the property inspections and negotiating stage, extra support is available from our highly skilled professional team. 

'Sarah and Chris used Next Address negotiation service, managing the inspections themselves.
Next Address finalises the sale and manages the contracts.  
They sold for over $60K more than the local agent estimate.'

7. Now you have sold your house, what can you do with the commission you saved?

Selling a house is one of the most significant financial decisions you will ever make. Agency commissions and fees range anywhere from 1.75% to 2.75% of the sale price plus the advertising costs.  This is your hard-earned $$$. 

With alternative 'sale by owner' models and platforms such as Next Address you now have a variety of ways to sell a house. They combine professional support and advocacy services, so you can effectively control and successfully manage the sale of your house.

We know this is an important decision, and we want to help you get it right. If you decide to use Next Address, we will work with you to find the right package and level of service you need.  Finally, if you want to experience complete control and transparency, then Next Address is for you.

We have tools and tips to guide and support you and a concierge service for those who need more assistance. 


Sell my house and the Sale By Owner concepts give you - the owner power and control.  If this appeals to you then reach out to know more. 

Maximise your financial results by managing the sale of your home yourself and using a negotiation service to manage the price negotiations.

Register to sell your home today.  www.nextaddress.com.au/sell


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