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Radical Tech Companies Helping and Not Commodifying Humanity

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Radical Tech Companies Helping and Not Commodifying Humanity
Posted 13 October 2020

Written by Kirsten Macdonald

Artificial intelligence is the art of a 

computing system 

making decisions with the capability of 

performing tasks 

human prompting.

This entails assembling and evolving algorithms so quickly and seamlessly, it is a form of intelligence. Now more intelligent 

according to the experts than us. This is not a plot to a movie; this is the internet space of twenty-twenty. 

Did you get the notification? 

Seamless algorithms are a welcome agency when you are saving lives, sending information, access to education or 

assisting in times of crisis along with the capacity for positive social cohesion. Algorithmic designs can be like a

beautiful mathematical dance of logic and coding genius. However, when used for persuasive techniques designed 

to capitalize on human weakness for profits we have on our hands a superpower, only a few have access to with unclear rules. 

A problematic dilemma one might say.

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