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People Buy Houses - Agents Don't Sell them!

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People Buy Houses  Agents Dont Sell them
Posted 01 February 2019

So Why The Dog?

I was walking my dog Tilly; she is busy Kelpie -Staffie cross.  I was reflecting on my own and a friend's real estate experience. I was pretty cross to tell you the truth; our's were not all that positive. My mind was abuzz with WHY questions.

  • Why were commissions and advertising costs so high?

  • Why did estate agents under or overvalue homes?

  • Why did customers complain about the lack of communication and transparency

  • Why wasn't technology playing a part of the whole process?

  • Why wasn't there one spot to get all the info I needed?

I was working in marketing and communications in the Not for Profit sector and before that, for a brief period, was a real estate sales agent. I enjoyed the people, but I didn't cope well with the way the industry worked.

I knew it was important to always listen to the customer's, and their needs.  My mantra was 'people buy house's; house's don't buy people'.  Pretty logical really. Just listen, match and connect.


So, here's where my  "AH HA" moment came in.

I was already using online services such as Airbnb and Uber, which matched and then connected people why couldn't real estate be the same? Simply, match and connect people with the right houses with the right support.  

I came home from my walk with Tilly, told the family my idea: only Tilly listened, and by 10 pm on the August night I had registered the domain and business name Next Address.

So who should use Next Address?

Anyone can! But ideally you are not afraid to have a go, and you are comfortable using the web and a computer. You want to great advice, be savvy with your money and to have a positive experience.

You are either a first home buyer or a young family or an empty-nester.  You either want to upsize or downsize and sell your current home.

Is this you?

Next Address is a new company, how do I know this is going to work for me?

You don't, but we will do our very best to make it work. We are a new company, but we are so passionate about affordability, transparency and communication.  We also have a strong alliance with a company who has been working successfully in this space for 19 years.

We use all the main real estate portals and have access to experienced Property Specialists to advise you.

What type of people buys and sell property with Next Address?

We work with people who value their hard earned money and assets and who want transparency and control over the buying and selling process.

We want you to EXPERIENCE

  • Honest open communication

  • Buy or sell for the right price

  • Control over the sales process

  • Save time and money

We don't want you to wake up three weeks into the selling process and be anxious and not informed.

What exactly is Next Address and how does it work.

  1. The Next Address is a platform built around our " Smart Match' system. This enables the easy matching of secure data.
  2. Buyers and sellers (agent) create their own unique secure home profiles which our system reviews and matches.
  3. The platform then directly connects buyers and sellers through the platform; it's that simple.


How is Next Address different from other real estate services?

  1. 'Smart Match' system works 24/7 finding buyers for your home
  2. Professional Property Experts available to advise, guide and support
  3. Not commission based- But focussed on service delivery
  4. Targeted streamlined marketing
  5. Tech tools to streamline and enhance the selling and buying process
  6. Online customer support and communication
  7. Easy to use
  8. Lower cost.


Does Next Address work for everyone?

Definitely NOT!  but for most people, it will. So here's the reality check!

  • The hardest part about selling a house is getting your home in top shape. This means decluttering, cleaning, repairs and maintenance. This is the time-consuming part but so important. This part should take you 3 to 6 months.

  • The hardest part about buying a house is saving the deposit and working out what you can afford verse what you want.  This process can take some years.

  • The next most important part is getting an accurate price appraisal. Real estate agents are NOT qualified property valuers.  Next Address works with an independent property valuation firm to provide you with a current, unbiased property appraisal. Both Next Address buyers and sellers can use our service.

  • Next Address is one of the first platforms to focus on creating a buyer as well as a seller/ property database. Then our own 'Smart Match" system does the rest.

  • To sell with Next Address, you need to be happy having control, open, transparent communication and a role in the sales process. All the time knowing, there is the Next Address support team and experts at your fingertips.


What do our clients say?

Here is a recent review

I was keen to use Next Address because it empowers purchasers and vendors(sellers) to get the best for them; rather than third parties like agents. The team at Next Address were very enthusiastic, helpful, and honest. I got great support and advice which helped relieve an otherwise stressful process. Next Address is providing a wonderful real estate sales alternative which is easy, transparent and affordable. July 2018. Simon Cookes  larki.com.au

How quickly will I find or sell a home?

We believe your home will most likely sell in 6 to 12 weeks in a metropolitan area and regional areas up to 16 weeks.  

But if you have

  • Professional valuation or property research report

  • Properly presented and styled your home inside and out

  • Great virtual tour and photographs

you are in the best position to sell as quickly as the market will allow.

If you are a buyer, the more accurate your home profile, the quicker the results.

What if I don't sell my home

We offer a 150-day money back guarantee.  We don't want this to happen as much as you don't.  If the home is struggling to sell our Professional experts will work with you on what could be the problem If you have properly prepared and presented your home, you have great photographs and if you have the right price on your home and your home doesn't sell we will give you your money back.

We want Next Address to be right for you.  

Kindest regards

Julie O'Donohue





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