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Smart real estate services use tech to sell faster and for more!

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Smart real estate services use tech to sell faster and for more
Posted 15 April 2016

47% of estate agents DON'T use technology to sell your home. Is this a problem?

A recent article in www.realestatebusiness.com.au found that nearly 50% of agents either don't use technology to either showcase their services or to promote a home. They rely heavily on the main real estate portals to do the heavy lifting for them. They are not using up to date data, virtual tour technology, virtual meetings.  The reliance on the old fashioned agency model in many cases is failing to deliver strong results for sellers.

By not investing in technology and smarter online systems you as the vendor are continuing to pay excessive estate agent fees.

In 2021, with our extensive knowledge of the power of the online world, this is really not good enough.  As the CEO of Next Address, I believe the underutilisation of virtual tour technology by the industry is shameful.  This innovative tech saves both the vendors and the buyers time and money.


20% of respondents said they did not use any formal database system

"Approximately 20% of respondents said they did not use any formal database system to keep in touch with their buyers and a further 27% said they only use a small number of their database systems."

So what does this mean for you if contemplating selling your home shortly? Choose carefully or do it yourself is our advice. When selecting an agent, ask them what methods they use for keeping in touch with their buyers? 

How many buyers do they have on their records? 

What database systems do they use? How do they contact the buyers? 

Remember, you will be paying them a significant commission based on the results achieved and have a right to know how they plan to sell your biggest asset.

How do to find buyers? 

So if just under 50% don't use a database, how do to find buyers? Unfortunately, this is where they use your hard-earned money to advertise your home in print media and magazines. Don't fall into this trap. The only advertising you should pay for is an internet real estate service as over 80% of buyers find their dream home on the internet.

At Next Address, we firmly believe you can manage the sale of your home without using an agent. Our system works with Domain.com to provide an outstanding online presence. Coupled with our online platform, you will have all the advertising and the support you need to sell your home. In addition, you will have complete control over the entire process.

complete control 

So when getting ready to sell, do your homework, ask family and friends about their experiences. And finally, interview at least three agents before you make up your mind.

At Next Address, we have an inbuilt automated CRM to track every buyer and seller in our system. When we link this to our automatic buyer and seller matching service, we can offer a truly unique real estate experience.

We have some great tips and tools in our blog posts to help make the right decision for you and your situation.

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