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If 86% of people are searching online for their next home...why would you spend most of your ad budget on print?

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If 86 of people are searching online for their next homewhy would you spend most of your ad budget on print
Posted 11 May 2016

Agents argue that print advertising will increase property exposure, leading to great competition and higher prices.

We don't argue with this, but we do want you to consider the most effective use of your property's marketing budget when you are looking to sell your home. If around 86% of buyers use online portals to research properties, why would you allocate a significant portion of your budget to print? In fact, studies show that 9 out of 10 people use websites to find and research buying properties.

Given the reach of the web, we have to wonder why real estate agents insist on pushing newspaper and print advertising, usually at great expense to their vendor! How can they even assure their vendor that the vast amount of money being spent on print media is reaching a target audience?

According to one Australian real estate site, more than 3 million people use their portals to find property each and every month.

Online shopping has resulted in people using their smartphones and tablets to find, compare, research and ultimately buy their new home or investment property with ease, particularly for people relocating to new cities and states.

Real estate selling sites can also provide data-backed analysis of people who are using their sites, suburb market data and demographics, and can even link you to experts to help with building inspections, finance and even the legal stuff!

As people have become much more savvy and comfortable in transacting online - everything from buying shoes to booking a holiday to finding love - so have they become much more willing and happy to sell their home online.

For buyers, it offers unlimited opportunities to 'match' their criteria with homes for sale, see the actual location, compare properties in the same location and near by, and research what the area offers in terms of livability and lifestyle.

Before you make any decisions on spending on newspaper advertising to sell your home...have a read of our blog Newspaper Advertising: Is it worth it?

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