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Managing data is key to growth for disruptive technologies

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Managing data is key to growth for disruptive technologies
Posted 06 July 2016

In this article guest author Jacob Cooper, explores Next Address's data managing strategies.

Managing data is key to growth for disruptive technologies

Peer to Peer (P2P) technology is changing the way we connect online. These innovative P2P platforms not only enable users to complete often expensive or tedious tasks but are also powerful methods of user-driven data collection.

With the arrival of sites which allow us to book a holiday online, share car rides, book a private room in a remote city to finding a flatmate, it seemed the only industry that had not been affected was the real estate sector. 

Overall +35% engagement rates

But then in late 2015, along came Next Address, an Australian website which gives buyers and sellers complete control of the real estate process and saves users thousands of dollars. Now directly selling a house online without agents and without expensive advertising is possible.

They capture specific user-driven data to produce highly targeted and individual campaigns. Constantly reviewing then producing the 'best path of engagement' for users. This new disruptive platform for selling and buying real estate cultivates an environment of flexibility and individualism for users. 

Monthly +5% contact growth

Founder Julie O'Donohue said "buyers and sellers deserve engaging and informative resources. The data our online portal captures allows the Next Address team to build campaigns and blogs which encourage positive conversations with our followers."

It is clear, disruptive technologies, like Next Address, enables us all to have closer relationships with our clients, which in return provides a more streamlined and personalised service.

Website traffic +31% in one month

Julie knows that by actively managing the direct data her users trust Next Address with, and the subsequent indirect data the platform gathers, the service can reform the real estate process to be more customer focused, more efficient and save people money.

Since the launch in November 2015, month on month engagement growth has continued. It is positive to see people are actively engaging with a new innovative concept. But what is more important is to see how Next Address is maximising the use of data to provide a holistic and reliable service for their users.

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