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Is Sticks and Wombat's The Block property your next address?

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Is Sticks and Wombats The Block property your next address
Posted 23 October 2017

The Block, one of Australia's most successful reality TV Shows from Channel 9, is in full swing as Australian startup company Next Address teams with Noel Jones to create Real Estate history.

The long-running television sensation has a dynamic group of "blockheads" this season, including larrikin duo Mark "Sticks" Croker and Clint "Wombat" Price, who are being represented by Melbourne real estate agency Noel Jones. With nine offices in Melbourne's eastern suburbs and 40 years experience in the real estate business, Noel Jones is utilising the new digital platform Next Address to list the Elsternwick property.

Next Address is a matchmaker for property buyers and sellers, utilising algorithm technology and an individual's criteria to recommend homes to buyers instantly. It is also a precision tool for real estate agents offering an additional way for them to list their client's properties as well as providing a seamless promotion. Helping agents find and reach buyers in unexpected places, the property innovator has gained popularity amongst investors with the efficient and quick turnaround of what can be a time consuming and stressful process.

With the exciting finale just around the corner, the five Elsternwick houses featured on this season of The Block are set to sell for millions, making a lucky group of new homeowners dream come true.

Next Address is the brainchild of founder Julie O'Donohue, created with the vision of building an affordable, simple real estate platform that is transparent, trustworthy and laden with integrity. She says "this exciting affiliation is wonderful for Australian real estate."

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