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Is She A Raider?

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Is She A Raider
Posted 11 April 2019

Or an Innovator?

In her European History class, she remembers always wanting to understand why raiders and explorers did what they did.  In Science, she wanted to know what motivated the clever to research? In Art History she needed to know where the artists lived not just what they painted. 

She needed to understand what motivated, to know why?

Fundamentally, later she realised this was a desire not to accept the status quo, not be afraid of change and a desire to influence the world we know.

So how does that lead to Next Address and its role as a dis-intermediary?

What is a dis-intermediary?

Anything that removes the 'middle man' (intermediary) in a supply chain. A dis-intermediary often allows the consumer to interact directly with the producing company.


Elon  Musk  step aside, Starship Enterprise park your ship, there are new kids in town using a barrage of state of the art PropTech. They are challenging the norm in property, bringing a different level of competition and transforming an industry. 


Their names are numerous, and it is exciting.


At a time when property prices are falling and we are extremely mindful of where our dollars are being spent, to see new smart PropTechs emerge, which have an enormous capacity to reduce our transactional costs, is exciting.


This PropTech spreads from online auctions systems such as Sale Ezy to 3D 360d Virtual Tours such as NextReality3D. Then there is Next Address. The digital world is abuzz about these emerging disruptive real estate concepts.

Appreciating the success of Uber and Airbnb based on the dis-intermediary model and wondering how this could apply to real estate.  Questioning how PropTech could take this industry in need of restoration and integrity while creating an experience for buyers and sellers that is both amazing and results driven. Julie O'Donohue created Next Address and NextReality3D.


When founded the Next Address actioned plan was to transform the property industry which wasn't embracing technology, which was viewed by the community suspiciously and which historically was costly to the consumer.

Next Address is a PropTech real estate dis-intermediary.

The combination of tech used by Next Address includes an incredibly efficient in-house R+D winning integrative algorithms matching buyers and sellers accurately using granular data. These algorithms are supported with tools such as to Zapier and LiveChat, and create and fuel a killer combo, and the results are impressive. Apparently, a few more secret herbs and spices are going on behind the curtain, but lips are firmly sealed!

So why the success? The matching platform is highly effective. 

However, it is also the 'Community Forum' which provides free access to expert property advice ranging from arranging finance through to negotiating.  It is also the clever no traditional marketing that creates the results for all. Here's a little gem for you; 60% of us move only 5km! So why do we need to mass market? Clever, targeted market is required which is where Next Address is focused.


Both parties have access to a comprehensive suite of tools and advisors with knowledge on everything from styling, selling or buying through to property legal requirements. There are how-to lists galore, checklists and so on. All this enables the seller and buyer to successfully transact online and to purchase and sell their property.

There is also an affiliation with other selling platforms to help maximise exposure, and there's room for estate agents who want to get on board with integrity. But the ultimate popularity vote comes from the thousands of dollars users save.

The cost to transact on Next Address is much lower than the traditional real estate methods and the focus is heavily on supporting all parties with the right information and advice. So a true Aussie dis-intermediary has arrived in Australia.  

When I asked Julie myself what she thought she was, her answer was pretty simple. She laughed and replied, "a long time ago someone called me a white knight. Maybe that's what I still am. I just want to make transacting in property simpler, more efficient, streamlined and more affordable."

Do yourself a favour and check it out now by clicking here to explore.


Written by Kirsten McDonald

Updated 11 April 2019




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