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Are you a city slicker? Here's 5 great reasons that we can think of to live in the inner city.....

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Are you a city slicker Heres 5 great reasons that we can think of to live in the inner city
Posted 21 March 2016
Choosing where to live is often one of the biggest decisions of our life. It affects our social life, ability to save and your overall lifestyle.

So why choose city life?

1. Public Transport

Public transport and the ability to walk everywhere makes living and socialising so much easier. Feel like going out for a quiet celebration with some colleagues or friends? There is no need to drive and worry about wasting money on an Uber or finding a spot to catch up. When you live in a city like Melbourne or Sydney nearly every area of the city is accessible by tram or train and the choices of venue are varied and wonderful.

'For little more than a few dollars'

In Melbourne, for little more than a few dollars you can jump on the train or tram in South Yarra or Brunswick, St Kilda or Collingwood and be in the city or in any of these locations within minutes. And the trams in the centre of the city are completely free!

2. Entertainment and Attractions.

Major cities are filled with all sorts of amazing museums, theatres and sporting arenas that just aren't available in rural and many regional areas. In a city like Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney, every week is filled with new exciting and culturally diverse events and activities. Often these festivals and activities are free. Currently, at the Melbourne aquarium, you can arrange an evening visit to the the aquatic animals with a special 'Aquarium after dark' cocktail nights held once a month until October. This is unlike anything you could experience living away from a large city. Even the smaller capital cities such as Hobart and Adelaide offer fantastic art, cultural and music events year round.

'Aquarium after dark'

3. Food Glorious Food

The food in cities is usually a cut above that available anywhere else. Of course, there are exceptions to this with some great country eating spots. It's the competition that exists in the cities which keeps restaurants on their toes. From 30-year-old Italian restaurants in Lygon Street to Michelin star dining experiences, major cities have every type of food and dining imaginable.

This makes going out for dinner a whole new experience with cuisine from all over the world available for any budget.

4. Social

The social scene in cities is so diverse and interesting, it is impossible to feel as though there is no one to relate to or network with. In a city filled with millions of people in close proximity, new connections and niches are found that wouldn't be possible in any other situation. City life offers a chance to broaden your professional contacts and personal relationships.

'A Saturday at the MCG makes life as exciting as possible.'

5. Diversity

Finally, the joy of living in such a diverse and interesting place that it is constantly evolving makes city living totally worth it. Walking down the street past national landmarks and beautiful architecture or watching 2 teams battle it out on the MCG makes life as exciting as possible.

By living in the city you are buying into a life of adventure and entertainment you just can't find anywhere else.




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