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How's the serenity?

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Hows the serenity
Posted 08 April 2016

Your home is your castle right? So should you care what your home says about you?

Well despite what you may think or feel, shushing (yes it is an actual word) up your interior décor is not just for the Martha Stewart's of the world, but for everyone.
But are we terrible to judge a person based on their personal brand of décor?
Let's be a little honest here - we are all terrible Muriel! We are all pre-disposed to judging. Hard wired in fact and we do it whether we like it or not. We judge people by their appearance so it's not unreasonable to think that we wouldn't do the same with a person's home, right?

So if your home is your castle - it stands to reason that you should invest time and effort, and a little of your hard-earned dollars into creating a space that reflects your personality, and helps you create a space that is your comfort zone, your haven or your fun-palace if that's what takes your fancy!
It's true to say that there are strong links between psychology and a physical space.
Connections between space and culture are equally strong and quite often the way we choose to 'dress' our homes directly reflects our cultural identity and personal influences.

Creating emotional connection with the space in which you live is a strong driver. So in creating a space that reflects us, in turn we aim to create first impressions and personality reflections. Inviting people into our personal domain provides insight into who you are and how you choose to live.
So if you're 'dressing' your home to sell it, how do you stand back and take an objective view of your surroundings.
It's difficult and sometimes you need a completely unemotional view. After all - what reflects you and who you are might not necessarily sell your home....so perhaps removing the tribal mask from the Amazonian Cannibalistic Tribe might be in order......

So ask yourself - would you like your space to be more attractive? For yourself or for a potential buyer?

What does yours say?

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