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How To Find A Bank With Strong Corporate Social Responsibility

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How To Find A Bank With Strong Corporate Social Responsibility
Posted 25 June 2019

An oxymoron to some! Yes, we're well aware that this may sound like one.  

But cheeky jokes aside, this question is definitely on our minds. As a company, we are intent on bringing social accountability to real estate, so it is vital we link and promote other businesses with the same ethics as ours. 

So let's take a look into what good corporate social responsibility means, and how you can find it in a bank.

  • What do you look for when pairing with a bank?
  • An attractive rate? Convenience? Low fees? High transparency?
  • What about good corporate social responsibility?
    In the wake of the Banking Royal Commission, it's a question we're seeing pop up more and more. In fact, even before the royal commission, a  report found that 4 in 5 Australians would consider moving their investments to another provider if their current provider engaged in activities not consistent with their values.

So, as property is likely one of your biggest investments, today we thought we'd take a look at what exactly corporate social responsibility means and how you can find out if your bank embraces it.

What is corporate social responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is generally understood to mean that corporations have a degree of responsibility not only for the economic consequences of their activities but also for the social and environmental implications, according to the  Australian Human Right's Commission.

Some lenders sponsor rescue helicopters, many provide community grants, while others throw their support behind social causes.

If you'd like to know what type of CSR work your bank does, simply google your bank's name + CSR. The more recent the result the better, especially in the wake of the banking royal commission.

That said, as Dr Stephanie Schleimer from the Griffith Business School  points out to the ABC, "CSR reports are not meant to be glossy brochures that look like advertising."

In other words: it's one thing for banks to make a snazzy list of their CSR activities, it's entirely another for them to make a meaningful impact.

So how do I find a bank with strong CSR principles?

It's a bit like finding a real estate agent with ethics which match your own. It's a tad difficult.

Well, you see, if you google "banks ranked corporate social responsibility" you'll find...

Huh, not much. Basically, banks tooting their own horn in their own reports.

Not to worry.

Maybe, if you try googling "best bank CSR" you'll find... Nevermind...

You see, this is where it gets a bit tricky.

What you consider ethical, or to be a bank displaying strong CSR principles, will be completely different from the next person.

It's a bit of a case of horses for courses if you will.

Hmmm. So are there any other ways to identify strong CSR lenders?

Absolutely! We have partnered with one company, Tradies Finance, who we feel fits into our ethical framework. Send them an email today.

Everyone's ethical compass points a slightly different way, so we can give you a pretty good idea of lenders on our panel that are making efforts in the areas of CSR that you may identify with.

It's definitely a topic we're seeing come up more frequently, so rest assured we're watching this space closely.

So reach out to us via email here or check out our services page here and find our finance partner who will lend you a hand.

Julie O'Donohue 

Founder and CEO
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