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Creating A Stunning Bedroom Can Help Sell Your House

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Creating A Stunning Bedroom Can Help Sell Your House
Posted 11 June 2021

How to sell your home privately with some simple bedroom decorating tips.  

Decorating your home should be fun. And if it can help you sell your home quickly and for a great price, even better.  The key to a successful outcome involves making solid decisions and knowing your choices will impact your selling outcomes.  

So let's be very careful about making sound choices. 

This is particularly important when you are repainting an entire home or even a room. So, if you have decided to apply a fresh coat of paint to your bedroom before making your final colour decision, think about how it works with the rest of your home.  

Making sure you get just the right colour, which blends and compliments the rest of your home, is vital. 

Here are a couple of tips that are guaranteed to help you do so

Base Your Colour Choice On Your Furniture

It's safe to say that furniture is the most important part of your bedroom. We are talking about beds, chairs and ottomans. So when choosing the colour, you have to find something that will go well with all the pieces of furniture you have in your bedroom. 

Remember, you are doing all this to help sell your home, so your personal likes are unimportant. 

If you don't do this and decide to introduce a new colour into the 
room, you might make the entire room look too busy with so
Many colours. 

Sticking to neutral colours is always a good idea.

Keep  Colors Related

Monochromatic colours are a good choice for every bedroom, but if you are keen to add a splash of colour, consider a different tone. 

Choose a colour that is related to the ones already in your room. 

You can also always go for a colour you already have in your room, but select a different tone. 

Remember, the aim is to sell your home successfully, so having a colour palette that is subtle so people can imagine their own furnishings should be your aim.

Choose a Style

Many people decide to decorate their bedrooms in a certain style. 

So if you have always dreamed of having a Victorian bedroom, there's no reason why you shouldn't go for it. 

But this also means you will have to choose a paint colour to match this choice of style.

If you are not sure which colours would fit such a style, you can always look up pictures online or go for a neutral colour since these are something you can never go wrong with. 

Remember, though you are selling your home, consider a style that has maximum and broad appeal.

Get Some Help from the Experts

When redecorating, help is readily available online, or in the many DIY stores we all use.  There are also property stylists and design specialists who can give you their opinion and help you choose just the right paint colour. 

These experts are also invaluable in giving your general advice, which will help you sell your home successfully. 

Next Address has a network of Property Stylists ready to provide a bit of advice.  Also, they might give you a couple more ideas that will improve the looks of the entire room. 

If you want the room to look magnificent once the new paint coat has been applied, you should also consider hiring local professional painters.

Introduce Bright Splashes

No matter what colours there are in your bedroom already, going for something too bright and too bold is never recommended. 

This is particularly true if you are selling your house.  Bold colours can make the room seem too energetic. 

The best ways to introduce bright and bold colours are with soft furnishings like cushions and throw rugs. 

Remember you are selling your home, you can take the cushions with you!.   Best to toned-down your dominant paint colour and add a bright splash using some design details such as artwork or bedspreads.

Let's Be Subtle

Make sure you follow all of these tips, and you will be guaranteed to find just the right paint colour for your bedroom.  Always try to imagine how a colour you like will fit into your room and get expert advice. 

Experts even recommend buying just one can of paint at first and using it to test how the paint will look in your bedroom. 

This can be a good idea since a paint colour you see on the palette will not always be the same one you end up with on your walls.

Selling your Home - There are now wonderful alternatives.  

Julie O'Donohue

Founder and CEO

Rewritten 11th May 2021




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