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How to choose the best way to sell your home?

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How to choose the best way to sell your home
Posted 15 April 2021

Your home is your biggest asset, don't skimp on the preparation!

Let's talk about the single most important action you should take, which will help you make the right decision about how and who should sell your house.  

Then let's explore seven other matters you need to consider. 

So you've decided to sell your home. Now you have to choose whether to use a real estate agent, which agent that should be or even sell your home yourself. 

In today's online world filled with tools and technology to help you sell a home yourself, this could sound attractive, but using a real estate agent does have advantages. And in an even better world sometimes you can combine the two.

Let's get started.

Have a cup of coffee with them but not in the house you plan to sell

Yesterday I met an agent for the first time in a professional capacity.   Next Address has a client who is working with us but also needs an agent due to travel commitments.  She asked me to do the research for her.  

I felt having a cup of coffee away from the hype of the homes sales pitch was the best move.  She had to sit and talk to me. There were no tale tail tools of the trade to hide behind, the only thing on display was her commitment to her role as a real estate agent.  This is what I experienced

  • How she valued her database and her systems to explore the best buyer for the property before spending huge dollars on advertising. 
  • How she used and love social media as a marketing tool was explained
  • Her commitment to the task was evident, 
  • Her integrity shone through like the sun
  • And finally her love of her role as a real estate agent.

I got to know and trust this person with  our one-hour coffee chat as there was nothing she could hide behind!   No paperwork, no sales stats on the office, no magazines, no sales presentation kit. 

This is a world where relationships are so important, so a 'coffee' get to know you  is a great place to start.  

Just like online dating but for real estate. Conducting a one hour up front chat with 3/4 agents may be the most valuable hours you spend in the whole sales process.  This is your biggest asset, don't skimp on the preparation

'Her integrity shone through like sunshine.'

Our tips to you about this coffee meeting.

  1. Ask them to come without a tie or jacket: This is a get to know you session.
  2. Ask them not to bring anything except their business card. (they can email the sales pitch)
  3. Choose a venue with larger tables and where people cannot hear your conversation.
  4. Sit in chairs not couches; you want to see their body language and actions.
  5. NO food as that just gets in the way and 
  6. Pay for the coffees or green teas. 
Commit to these interviews upfront, and this will go a long way to having a much better real estate experience.

So what are the other things to consider when choosing who and how to sell your house? Let's get started

1. So you feel you don't have much personal knowledge or experience about selling a house.  Let's explore.

You are selling a home for the first time. You are unsure of what to expect or how the market works. A real estate agent, at least, an experienced one, should bring with them years of knowledge of the industry and market. They sell properties for a living and hence should know every aspect of the process, as well as handy tips and tricks to optimise the experience and potentially maximise your profit. 

2. You are unsure how agents find buyers: Ask

The good agents will hold an extensive database of potential buyers who they can contact in regards to your listing. These are people that are interested in buying and have approached the agent looking for any property that may be in their price range and a list of requirements. 

A good agent should know their buyers and be able to select some who may be suitable and want to buy your house.  I recently interviewed an agent who admitted some of his agents did not maintain their databases.  Ask how they manage their database, make them show you how. Choose a real estate agent who is not afraid of this question.

Next Address has a selection of Accredited Real Estate Consultants who work under our ethics and values.  There maybe one who suits you in this group.

 'A good agent will know their buyers.' 

3. Dealing with personalities: how 

Selling a house involves dealing with all sorts of people, their characteristics, and their personalities. Choose a real estate agent that you feel can work with loads of personality types. But conversely, if you are a people person then DIY is a good option for you to consider. At the end of the day, all personalities can be managed.

4. Time; how long does it take to sell a house?

Selling a house does take time. On average, a property takes over 70 days to sell in a metropolitan area and 90 days plus, in a regional area. If you choose to use a real estate agent, it is their time, not yours. 

Although the fees can often be expensive, they will take care of all  inquires regarding your home, do any of the open houses, sort through buyer feedback and marketing.  You should also expect to receive weekly reports. As this is their full-time job,  a good real estate agent should put a lot more time and energy into the process. 

At Next Address, we provide weekly activity reports to all our vendors on their homes Facebook pages as well as Domain reports. Next Address has actually found that our Facebook pages have double the reach of other marketing! 

We also have a 24-hour online chat service: we may not answer it at midnight, but we will respond promptly.

5. Knowing your home value

Although we recommend you obtain an independent professional property valuation, an appraisal from a real estate agent is worthwhile as they should have knowledge of the local area. However, we would strongly advise getting estimates from at least two if not three to ensure you are not over or underquoted. 

If you are, this can lead to your home selling at a loss or it sitting on the market for months. Remember, a house is only worth what someone is willing to pay. There have been many publicised incidences where this happens. Don't let it this be you. 

Next Address offers a detailed report on your home, just reach out to us.

6. Real estate agent rating services

Don't be fooled by these, as many of the reports are completed by the real estate agents themselves. Or they only ask satisfied customers to complete the online rating surveys. 

Have that coffee, you will be working with this person, they need to be on your wavelength, and you need to trust them.

7. Finally, preparation is the key, and this means having that coffee too.

Before making up your mind, consider that over 80% of all buyers will find your home on the internet. That getting your home ready for sale is the hardest and most time-consuming part. 

Remember too that only registered valuers can provide you with a proper house valuation, which is accepted by a bank or finance company,

                                       '85% of all buyers will find your home on the internet.'

If you do decide to sell your home, then consider the benefits of using www.nextaddress.com.au. Your home will be on the web, you will have complete control over inspection times, you will have the contact details for anyone inspecting the property for follow-up, and you will save significantly on commissions. 

We also have a list of Next Address Accredited Agents we work with and who we trust.








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