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How are robots helping us sell a house?

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How are robots helping us sell a house
Posted 27 August 2018

NO, they are not cleaning the floor, they are selling our homes for us in creative, smarter ways. 

Chatbots have been around for the last decade - but it is only in the last few years that people are starting to take chatbots seriously and find understanding and value in their capabilities. Companies like " Chatfuel" are now making it easier than ever to build conversational bots and publish them in your favourite medium. They act as SaaS tools and provide integrations to many different CRM systems and other SaaS tools.


At Next Address, we have implemented a property matching bot that sits in the discovery section of Facebook Messenger. Home buyers can select from a range of options and the Next Address bot selects and sends suitable matching homes direct to in-boxes.  For sellers using bots, is an affordable marketing and sales options. At the time of writing it is the 2nd most popular bot in the discovery section - and the top bot in the "Home and Vehicles" category.  We have seen growth in this medium, averaging just over 400 free leads a quarter with 1.7 users to date.


While we acknowledge the power of standalone bots, they are much more efficient when part of an overall business technology strategy. We combine our Chatbot with our CRM software and see the broadcasting function of a chatbot to be part of the future of content delivery. Having said all that, a bot is only as good as the bot was built to be. Sure, you can use AI (basic in most bot builders currently) to create conversational paths but to create a truly seamless, end to end business integrated bot takes considerable effort and good planning.

Our focus at Next Address is to use these tech capabilities to enhance the buying and selling process; reduces costs for us all and bring efficiencies and transparency to the table.

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