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HOUZZ - What on earth is that?

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HOUZZ  What on earth is that
Posted 08 April 2017

If you are building, renovating or selling a home, you may have heard the word HOUZZ dropped into the conversation. 

What is Houzz and why was it created? Next Address takes a look at the creative internet application taking the world by storm.

Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen sat at a kitchen table 5 years ago and devised what would become the obsession of homemakers and creators the world over. The brainchild was called HOUZZ, a sensation that is now in the top 50 disruptors of the world and amassing over 25 million visitors and is one of the top 200 Internet properties in the United States.

So why is it so popular?

Houzz stages over 13 million interior design photos, decorating ideas and home professionals, it is a mind-boggling collection of house items. According to Tatarko and Cohen, it is a "place to browse and save home photos and find the right design and construction professionals." 

Houzz is a one stop place for everything from style guides, Instagram-worthy pics, how-to's, furnishings, structure, styles and genres. It is like Ikea for housing ideas with contributors from every housing industry- builders, plumbers, tillers, home owners, stylists, and interior decorators all culminating on on location. The application has a brilliant search engine capability, and like it's Pinterest counterpart, it has smartphone, iPad and desktop availability as well as the ability to filter results in a keep it simple outlay.

For example, you are trying to get ideas to convert that old garage into a teen retreat that could add real value to your home for resale. 

You type into the search bar: garage renovations, and voila, you will be offered image heaven with what seems like an endless selection of garage renos. You can also whittle it down; perhaps you like an industrial look, clean lines or maybe shabby chic. 

One of our content managers at Next Address wanted to find a tile she had seen in a showroom bathroom, so she searched multi-colored triangle mosaic- again there it was, detailing underneath the name of the tile, the manufacturer and where to find it.

Search, and you will find. 

The file saving function means you can save your findings to a file you have created so you can come back later. A great trick for late night browsing as an alternative to scrap books or magazines overloaded with tags for later. There is everything in there from building on a budget, how to create space and how to get a house ready for selling. 

Need we say more?

The hard to ignore ease of HOUZZ makes it a favorite at the Next Address head office and inspiring to watch the company as it transforms. We admire like-minded people who start with an idea to solve a problem and systemize it beautifully with technology. 

This kind of platform is the way of the future and is all about simplifying life for people, something close to our hearts at Next Address.




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