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Hack Number 6: We sell on average 8-10 years so do your research.

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Hack Number 6 We sell on average 810 years so do your research
Posted 29 June 2022
Real Estate Hack Number 6.

Did you know we ONLY sell on average 8-10 years? 

So we forget what the experience was like. So do yourself a favour before considering selling and think about the type of experience you want. 

Do you want a traditional or mainstream experience? 
Would you rather look at a new online platform like NEXT ADDRESS? 
Do you want a female real estate agent? 
Do you want a male real estate agent? 

So think about what you want from your experience so it WORKS for you cause this is one of the biggest decisions you make. 

Thanks for now, 

Bye, cheers!

Julie O'Donohue




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