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Hack number 3: Where to Start when Decluttering

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Hack number 3 Where to Start when Decluttering
Posted 12 April 2022

Hello, Julie here. CEO of Next Address,


Welcome to my Selling Home Hack Series:


Hack number 3: Where to Start when Decluttering

Start with buying or getting smaller packing boxes. Big ones are just too heavy.

If you have a storage area - perfect but if not, hire a storage shed or use the garage or even better, ask a friend if you can use their storage space.


Then begin room by room and cupboard by cupboard.

This might sound pretty basic but that's exactly what you do.

So start with the rooms you don't use or the easiest. Or do the reverse and start with the hardest room. Whatever suits you.



Once you feel you have done as much as you can, reach out to us to chat about how we can help you sell without an agent or pay excessive commission.


Julie O'Donohue





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