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Hack number 2: Take the YOU out of the House

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Hack number 2 Take the YOU out of the House
Posted 11 April 2022

Hello Julie here CEO of Next Address,


Welcome to my Selling Home Hack Series:


Hack number 2: Take the YOU out of the House "

People want to imagine themselves in your home.


So if you are serious about getting the best possible price, it's time to declutter and depersonalize your home completely.


No one wants to see the 20 family photos or your pepper shakers collection!


Just buy those moving boxes and start packing.


We encourage you to start this process even before you think about chatting with us about your selling choices.


And remember, you do have a choice about the best and smarter way for you to sell your home.


Just ask one of our happy customers.



Julie O'Donohue






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