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Great work needs brilliant resources: some of our favourites at Next Address.

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Great work needs brilliant resources some of our favourites at Next Address
Posted 05 July 2016

Brilliant resources to make the Next Address website hummmmm.

In our journey to create Australia's first peer to peer, DIY real estate platform, we are using some amazing tools and resources which have assisted us in many ways. Plus we have come across some amazing websites which will be great resources for all our customers. We hope they may provide you with some great value.

Boxbrownie boxbrownie.com

This is awesome. This site will digitally enhance any photo from $5. They will provide a 3D floor plan from $30. Do yourself a favour and check them out. The best part is they are a great QLD start-up company.

Canva canva.com

Create wonderful designs for any application. You can use your logo colours etc. This tool saves Next Address so much money. All our small publications and guides have been completed in Canva. This is an Australian company started by a female entrepreneur from SA.

Unsplash  unsplash.com

This incredible resource is jam packed full of beautiful FREE photographs from all around the world. We have used these all through the Next Address website and for all our blogs. We have not paid for one photo. We acknowledge Unsplash on our website and have contributed to a publication they have completed.

Photoresizer photoresizer.com

A great tool which quickly and simply reduces, crops and manipulates photos for the Next Address blogs or any promotions. Get cracking and start using it yourself.

Venngage venngage.com

Make FREE infographics to tell your business story. Brilliant. We know infographics are powerful so get cracking. At Next Address we need to do more of these ourselves!

First Home Buyers Australia (FHBA)  fhba.com.au

This brilliant site for First home buyers is a must look   And a great alliance for us at Next Address. If you have any first home buyers in the family or if you are one take a look. Another Aussie start-up.

Unbounce  unbounce.com

If you have a web-based business and wish to grow, this is a brilliant tool to research the best landing pages you need. You can build and A/B test landing pages for your website. A Canadian company but hey that's OK.!

IFTTT ifttt.com

Now this is our latest find courtesy of our friends at Business in Heels.What this does is take your social automations to a new level.  Some of you may not need this, but it is very clever.

Here are some of our real estate treasures: All Australian too.

APM Pricefinder Via Next Address.  

We can provide a free property report to you within 48 hours on any home in Australia. FREE!

Microburbs  microburbs.com

Luke Metcalfe and his team give you all the facts you need on a suburb and micro suburb before you buy. Free reports with commute times, cafes, schools, neighbour demographics, noise, income and much more!

Real As realas.com

You have found the house now find out the real price.  Josh Rowe has created a website which is providing accuracy in property price predictions. 

Please feel free to share this and we hope you get some value out of them.

(Updated 19/02/2018)




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