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Graphic Designer Casting A Spell On Homes Across Australia

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Graphic Designer Casting A Spell On Homes Across Australia
Posted 29 June 2019

Our new series celebrating Australian artisans and tradespeople has been an inspiring hit and this month we would like to introduce you to Tanya Breen, of Breen Creative. 

Breen is a talented graphic designer who has worked with some of Australia's biggest corporate names, but her passion is design and art and it shows! 

Her most recent success was a printed mural for a 9-year old's bedroom. This wall of colour and design made it impossible to walk into the room and not be wowed. The detail is captivating and most importantly, tells a story about the inspiration, the 9 year old! Currently, Breen is finishing the interior and exterior of a new gelato and milkshake café Mordi's. 

Next Address Masterclass Series Tanya Breen


One only needs to see her work to believe her passion. For this talented creative, art and design is a sanctuary to escape to when life gets too crazy. It has been a part of her essence since she could hold a pencil. 


Artists such as Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso spark her inspiration. Their ability to deliver quirky art that tells a story with clever hidden messages that she attempts to reflect with her own creations. 


She says, "not only does art or design need to be visually pleasing, but it also needs to communicate a clear and clever message and/or story."

Next Address Masterclass Series Tanya Breen


Breen has a holistic approach to designing a wall piece. It begins with getting to know the personality and design of the home. Every home is different and requires different styles, colours and personalities for its walls. We couldn't agree more. The data tells us when homebuyers leave an inspection, they are going to remember the high-end finishes and features that set their hearts alight. Unique touches will set your property apart from the rest. This is so important to ensure your home is noticed in the increasingly competitive real estate market. Artisan features and master crafted finishes have the seamless ability to turn a potential-buy into a purchase. Wow factors delight and surprise potential buyers. 

"Thought" and "quality" are the two most essential aspects of Breen's design process. 

Without it, Breen would struggle to call it "design". With every job, the first step for Breen is to undertake an organic thinking process away from the computer and decide on a clear message. 

Putting in the time to really ensure her design is going to have an impact is an 

invaluable asset when she is commissioned to undertake a project. 


In addition to this using quality materials and printing to ensure the most effective result is the next step.  

What could be more valuable to your home than a unique feature that tells a story and leaves the homebuyer with a message? Show us your unique feature tag #nextaddressunique on Instagram- we look forward to seeing your amazing home feature. 

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