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Furphies and Property Pork Pies

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Furphies and Property Pork Pies
Posted 27 May 2019

Furphies and Property Pork Pies By Kirsten Macdonald

Fixed fee real estate is in the news at the moment, causing quite a stir amongst conservative naysayers.

There's a floating opinion that fixed fee selling means less or a reduced quality on the cheap. In typical Next Address style, we are going to speak some home truths.

Truth and real estate, real estate and ripper furphies. Property pork pies. For these lovely euphemisms alone, the industry was ripe for disruption for some time. Prop-tech is here and kicking, and it's time to get on board.

Self-Sufficiency and choice for the consumer is the future of Real Estate.

When you take the very latest in technology advances and you team it with a seamless delivery system and give complete control of the entire process what happens?

Well, let's start with the redistribution of money. This ensures more money can be spent on things like 3D technology, marketing and the sharpness of the delivery of advertising. Virtual inspections mean opening the home to interstate and international buyers.

Then there's the virtual team, a community of everything from experienced negotiators, legal experts through to property stylists. Don't forget the automated online connections to everything from finance, conveyancing, valuations to insurance advice.

But let's look at the real core difference- value- transparency and trust.

Price driven by trickery happens on the daily in the property market. If you think it doesn't check out this interesting article by �Choice Magazine.

There was a marked increase in complaints relating to underquoting in 2015-16, up by 114%. So while measures have been put in place to stop these practices, they continue. As long as there are people that can make money and find loopholes people will. As well, this industry is at risk of inadequate training- you can complete your sales agency course online over a weekend. The pop out a sell a Million dollar home. Does that seem right!

So what is in the Next Address packages making the naysayers so antsy?

From the basic package to the ultimate package with set prices, you know exactly what you are paying. There are some fairly obvious reasons why this is a great way to go.

These packages save the buyer and the seller money (hello?)

They give you access to professionals whose only agenda is to help you sell your property with no allegiance to anyone. Hidden agendas are gone!

A seamless delivery is consistent and across the board, introducing quality every time. Uber anyone? You don't need to go through an endless line of poor performing people wasting everyone's time and money. The longer you are listed, the more you pay in traditional advertising fees.

Your account and dashboard ensure complement transparency and control for all. No more waiting for the agent to call you!

There's no rinse and repeat, with the Ultimate package your listing content is copyright and written by wordsmiths with years of experience in marketing and selling. I know, right?

The motivated agents getting onboard are using our NextReality3D tech and promoting our fixed cost tech platform because they are passionate about transparency and helping people buy and sell homes. There's such a sparkle about people who care about people before money.

A useful service delivery system without the need for traditional agents puts money back into the pockets of buyers/sellers and the community. There's even a calculator to show you all that money you save by using the platform.

Did anyone say Algorithm? Matching properties is our version of those wonderful herbs and spices. The formula is currently under lock and key in a secret location off the coast of Venezuela. Several vaults and passwords have been used along with a knock-knock riddle you couldn't guess if you tried if you count in the caves and the McGuiver looking dude, let's face it- if you think The colonel did well for over 60 years, move over Sir, we got this.

Where does all that saved money go? In your pocket and we reinvest it into Social Enterprise. Why? Because our founder believes in giving back in a big way. She's done it for years, its called Philanthropic Obsession and it's a condition we won't be talking her out of.

For more information on how you can avoid Furphies and get some real estate action- check out insert ________




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