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First Home Inspection Checklist

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First Home Inspection Checklist
Posted 17 December 2016

Next Address Home Inspection Checklist

As you inspect the home, score each of the below categories out of ten. This will give you the chance to rank each home on reason and logic rather than running with your first impressions. After that, you should record any obvious faults with the home, and find one word that sums up your first impression. Copy and complete the second section for each home you visit. Be diligent with notes so you can compare all homes properly. Happy hunting.

Home #1

Home #2

Home #3


Price range

Agent and phone #

Auction date



Living room/s



Land size and garden

Garage and/or off-street parking

Storage space

Outdoor entertaining


Floor plan? (does it suit you?)


Any obvious faults

First impressions

Inside the home HOME 1



Are the walls and ceilings in good condition?

Are the walls, window sills, ceilings, and floors free from dampness and mould?

Is the floor in good condition? (springy floorboards, cracks in concrete?)

Is the property insulated? (check the ceilings and walls)

Is there enough natural light?

Is the home well ventilated?

Are there enough power points?

Is natural gas connected?

Is there air-conditioning in the home?

Are smoke alarms fitted and in working condition?

Do all windows and doors open and close properly?

Does the home have a working security system?

Are there fly screens?

Will your furniture fit and suit the new home?

Is the kitchen big enough? (will it fit your appliances, white goods, does it have enough pantry and bench space?)

Does the home have the number of bedrooms you need?

Are there built-in wardrobes?

Are the rooms insulated enough so that they will be cool in summer?

Are there enough bathrooms?

Are the bathrooms well ventilated?

Are the bathrooms in good condition? (Check for leaking shower recess, water pressure, cracked tiles, mould and dampness)

Is the laundry big enough? Is there enough bench space?

Is the water pressure in the laundry adequate?

Is there a study? (check for good internet connection and enough powerpoints?

Is there a workshop/shed/garage?

Is there adequate storage?

Outside the home HOME 1



Does the building meet council regulations? If you wanted to make changes to the home, would you be able to get council approval?

Is the building and land free of any restrictions that may affect you in the future?

Is the exterior paintwork in good condition?

Are the walls free from cracks? (cracks could be from paintwork or more serious such as structural flaws and sinking of the home)

Is the roof in good condition? (check gutters, downpipes, and eaves for water leakage)

If the home has a view, might it be built out or covered by trees in the future?

Is the land free from landslip? Check with the local council

Does the home have easy access? (Walking upstairs to enter the home might be alright now, but could affect your resale value as it limits accessibility)

Is there internal access from the garage and/or outside the home?

Is there a pool? Is it in good condition? (check the filters, heating, and make sure the fence meets council approval)

Does the garden suit your needs? Is it adequately fenced?

Is the home free from anything that may affect your lifestyle?

Is the hot water service adequate?

Are the pavers/decks in good condition?

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on 10th January, 2017
This is such a great article, I've printed some off and will use them in future inspections, Thanks Next Address!
Next Address Admin
on 10th January, 2017
Thanks so much for your feedback Tim, glad to hear that the checklist will be of use for you!

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