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Finding Inspiration At The Park

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Finding Inspiration At The Park
Posted 03 August 2018

Buying a house and selling a house made easy.

How did Next Address begin?
I regularly walk my dog Tilly, mostly in the later afternoons, after a session in front of the computer. It's a great chance to let the brain Defrag! On this particular walk, I was reflecting on my own and a friend's unsatisfactory real estate experience. I was buying a house, she was selling a house. I was pretty cross to tell you the truth. My mind was abuzz with questions such as why were agent commissions and advertising costs so high? Why did estate agents under or overvalue homes? Why did both buyers and sellers feel the communication channels were lacking? And why wasn't technology playing a bigger part of the whole process?
I was also advising a cancer wellness centre on how to raise funds and thought it would be great to build a business where you automatically gave back to social enterprises, charities and not for profits. 
Also important to this story is in a previous life ie 10 years earlier, I had been a real estate agent. I knew then listening to the customer was so important. My mantra was people buy house's, house's don't buy people.  Pretty logical really. Just listen, match and connect. 
"Ah ha!"
So, here's where my "AH HA" moment came in. I was planning a trip using online accommodation sites and was already using ride-sharing services so why couldn't real estate be the same. Just connect people with the houses with the right support.  I came home from my walk with Tilly, told the family my idea: only Tilly really listened and by 10 pm on the August night I had registered the domain and business name Next Address.
So who should use Next Address?
Anyone can! But ideally our clients are not afraid to have a go and they understand and embrace the power of tech to reduce costs and create efficiencies. They want great advice and to have a positive experience. You are first home buyers or young families who want to upsize and sell their current home or empty nesters wanting to downsize and buy smaller. 
Is this you?
Next Address is a new company, how do I know this is going to work for me?
We are bringing an affordable approach to buying and selling houses. Did you know that 40% of the French and over 30% of Canadians sell their own home? Yet here only 3% of Aussies's do. Pretty ridiculous really.
Did you also know? 
60%+ of us move only 1 km from where we currently live and a further 20% of us move less than 5 km from where we currently live. 
So what we should be doing is targeted and streamlined real estate marketing and selling. The current advertising models are what I call "Spray and Pray". You don't need to market your property to the whole of Australia! 
What type of people buy or sell a house with Next Address?
We work with people who want to have control and complete transparency in the real estate process. 
You want 
  • Honest open communication
  • Buy or sell for the right price
  • Control in the sales process 
  • Save time and money
Next Address is different we don't want you to wake up three weeks into the selling process and be anxious and not informed.
What exactly is Next Address and how does it work?
The Next Address platform is built around a series of our own algorithms that enable the easy matching of secure data. Buyers and sellers create their own unique secure home profiles which our systems match. The platform then directly connects buyers and sellers to each other; it's that simple.
How is Next Address different from other online DIY real estate services?
  • We match and directly connect buyers and sellers. 
  • We are a tech company using tech solutions to fix a problem
  • We have our own real estate experts to support you
  • We have established affiliates to ensure your transaction is managed professionally
  • We use targeted streamlined and affordable marketing
  • We are transparent and easy to use
  • We are low cost.
  • We give back.
We have streamlined and simplified the process- with our simple easy online user profiles. All communication is shared between both parties ensuring transparency and clarity.  We back this with the right tools, services and the correct advice.
Does Next Address work for everyone?
Definitely not! but for most people, it will. So here's the reality check!
The hardest part about buying a house is saving the deposit and working out what you can really afford verse what you want. This can take a number of years.

The hardest part about selling a house is getting your home in top shape. This means decluttering, cleaning, repairs and maintenance. This is the time-consuming part but the most important. This part should take you 3 to 6 months.

The next most important part is getting an accurate price appraisal. Real estate agents are NOT property valuersNext Address works with an independent property valuation firm to provide you with a current unbiased property appraisal. 
Both Next Address buyers and sellers can use our service. Next Address is one of the first platforms to focus on creating a buyer as well as a seller/ property database. Then our own algorithms do the matching. If you are going to sell with Next Address you need to be happy having complete control, open transparent communication and a role in the sales process. Knowing all the time that there is the Next Address support team at your fingertips.
What do your client say?
Here is a recent review
"I was keen to use Next Address because it empowers purchasers and vendors(sellers) to get the best for them; rather than third parties such as agents. The team at Next Address were very enthusiastic, helpful, and honest. I got great support and advice which helped relieve an otherwise stressful process. Next Address is providing a wonderful real estate sales alternative which is easy, transparent and affordable."  July 2018. Simon Cookes   larki.com.au
How quickly will I find or sell a home?
As Next Address grows and we get more buyers and more houses to sell all our customers will get quicker results. So spread the word.
We believe your home will most likely sell in 4 to 8 weeks if it is 
  • Properly presented and styled with
  • Great photographs coupled with a
  • Professional valuation i.e the right price and
  • Marketed correctly to the right buyers
If you are a buyer the more accurate your home profile, the quicker the results.
What if I don't sell my home
We offer a 150-day money back guarantee. If you have properly prepared and presented your home, you have great photographs and if you have the right price on your home and your home doesn't sell we will give you your money back.
If you are considering a move then think seriously about Next Address. 
Kindest regards
Julie O'Donohue.



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