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Exploring Powerful Bots & 3D Video Needs To Be On Your Radar

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Exploring Powerful Bots  3D Video Needs To Be On Your Radar
Posted 06 November 2018


When I founded Next Address I imagined so many possibilities from directly connecting buyers and sellers to a platform where you could walk through a house, sitting at home, in your favourite lounge chair.  

Until now this has been a very expensive option.  Well, not any more.  

We are working closely with a brilliant Melbourne based PropTech Startup.  They are an immersive tech company focused on Virtual, Augmented and Merged Reality. Check them out.  Phoria/Scanned.

What does that mean for you?

While pretty technical the results for anyone selling a home are an affordable video 3D photography solution which includes.
  • State of the art 3D 360D video of the entire home
  • Still internal and external photography of all areas
  • Dolls house floor plan
  • Standard floor plan
  • Automatic listing on Next Address.
  • Code to embed the video and all images on any real estate portal

All this is achieved in one visit in under one hour for a standard home for under $1000. 

Want to know more about this then send us a note. 

We are also building our relationships with buyer and seller advocates who can provide our users with additional support and guidance when requested. 

This month we sourced software which allows our customers to upload hand drawn floor plans and it will automate a professional 3D model of your home, dropping in 3D furniture -  check it out here



Our chatbot also ranks in the top 10 most popular in Facebook Discovery.  If you haven't had a look,  click here to try it out. 


Last Month I spoke at the first Australian PropTech Summit in Sydney.  This was a great opportunity to share my passion for Next Address.



There are a couple of investment places left for this quarter.  Reach out if you are interested in being part of the Next Address story. 

Thanks again for participating in our journey. We are always keen for a chat, reach out with any questions, ideas and suggestions.

Yours Kindly,

Julie O'Donohue



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