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Do You Need To Sell Your Home And Are Worried About Coronavirus?

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Do You Need To Sell Your Home And Are Worried About Coronavirus
Posted 20 March 2020

It's simple - Take your home into the buyer's lounge room!

The fundamentals - You need to sell your home and need as many people as possible to look at your home. But you can no longer hold 'Open House' events. It's all one on one inspections. You know online marketing is vital to selling your home.  But you also know buyers need to inspect your home. So how do you still get the right buyers to look at the home you are selling?  

So how do you take your home to the buyer?  The answer - A Virtual Property Tour

'Virtual Tours enable you to take your home directly into the 

safety and comfort of the buyers own lounge room.'

  • Our photographers are all accredited.  They are following all health and safety requirements. 
  • They can complete a tour without the owner being present or maintain the 4-metre social distancing requirements.
  • The tour is then uploaded ready for use on all the major real estate portals within a couple of days.

A Virtual Tour will give you the best option to market your home in this very challenging climate. These tours allow your potential buyer to fully immerse themselves in your home in the safety of their own home.

At NextReality3d, we know Virtual Property Tours are a perfect solution for you and the buyer of your home.

  1. 87% more online buyers will view your home than one with just photos
  2. Buyers will look at your home for 5 to 10 times longer if it has a virtual tour
  3. 130% increased chance a buyer will book a one on one inspection
  4. Buyers who do inspect are already emotionally connected to the property
  5. Virtual tours service remote buyers - international, tree and sea changers


  1. Virtual Tours are affordable
  2. All ready in 48- 72 hours to upload to all major real estate portals
  3. You also get all your photos and floors plans included

What this all means is you are getting your home inspected by people who are ready to buy. Buyers can fully explore your home virtually in the comfort of their own home.  They become emotionally connected to your home and are one more step down the buyer journey.

Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality can and are helping us navigate our way through this health crisis. At  NextReality3d, we create a virtual tour, provide all the high-resolution photographs, external site and internal floor plans.  Short videos are also available to use on social channels, and the virtual tour is ready to upload to the major real estate portals.

We have photographers in all states ready to work with you directly or your real estate agent.

Selling a house is stressful enough without the added issue of coronavirus.  Make your buyers happy and reduce your stress with a Virtual Tour today.

Call us direct  - NextReality3d on 1800 316611.

Julie O'Donohue 





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