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What is the hardest part of selling a home?

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What is the hardest part of selling a home
Posted 06 January 2020

Let's explore. There are four main tasks required to sell a home.

But let's get started with some of the basics actions you need to take to prepare this home to sell and ready for its next owner.

1. Getting your home ready for sale is number one. Looking good is essential- clean and depersonalise

The clean-up is the hardest part, and the more thorough you are, the better will your results be. I cannot stress enough how important it is to depersonalise your home. Buyers don't want to see photos of your family holiday or the netball grand final victory or the 50 fridge magnets you have collected from your travels. 

Buyers want to imagine their own family in this home. 

Anyway, you are moving, so this is a great way to start packing.

Then there's the cleanup- every single nook and cranny- inside and out. The best part about this is again, you need to do this before you move, so you are well on the way.

The clean up usually results in finding a few little issues you need to rectify before the house sells anyway: a leaky tap, a broken tile. Nows the time to get these odd jobs all sorted.

Be smart- thoroughly clean and tidy every part of your home and property.

2. Getting that 'Property Styling look.'

Stats show that making a house look its best by placing furniture and decorations in the most attractive positions will help sell a home quicker.

When it's our place, we often place furniture where it suits us, not what looks best. As well, we collect furniture. But now is the time to declutter.

Look at your home without rose cloured glasses on, ask a valued friend who has an eye for decorating to give you his or her thoughts. Check out magazine trends. And remember, LESS is MORE. The less you have in the home, the bigger it will look. Plus the buyers can imagine their furniture and personal items more quickly if there is minimal furniture.

3. Knowing how much is your home is worth? Or in other words 'Pop the ego away.'

Let's start with a couple of 'home truth's'. You are most likely to be buying and selling a home in the same market. So remember if your property has dropped in price, the property you are thinking about buying has fallen too. Plus we always consider our home is worth more than it is! ALWAYS. 

So pop the ego in the top pocket so you can get this house sold.

So this is where getting that right valuation is just so important. Real Estate agents are not Professional Valuers. We believe it is vital to commission a professional property report. That's why we have incorporated a professional property report into our fees. We have a relationship with one of Australia's most reputable valuation companies who will complete this for you.

And in a tighter market, it is vital to get this as close as possible to the right price. Overvalue a home, and you will be on the market for months. That's not what you want.

4. Getting the legal documents organised

Making sure the legal documents are done correctly and are ready is vital but straightforward. Again this a necessary task to complete to sell any home. It is best to do this before inspections begin.

Every state has a slightly different set of rules and regulations. As part of the Next Address system, we can automatically connect you to a legal practitioner to get the legal documentation sorted. You cannot sell without these documents.

With those four critical tasks completed, what's next?

You need to decide if you need an estate agent or if using a service model like Next Address would work for you and your budget. Let's explore the options and benefits.

Next Address- Markets and works with you to help sell your property

Our simple system automatically promotes your home on all the leading real estate portals as well as Next Address. Any buyer matches with your property are communicated back to you through your Next Address Dashboard. The system works 24/7. You have control and transparency.

We believe newspaper ads and magazines are fillers; used by agencies for self-promotion. We don't believe in wasting anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 depending on the suburb and home.

90% of buyers find the home they want online. So that's where we market your home for sale.

Next Address- NextReality3D

Advertising your home on all the real estate leading portals requires professional photography. These portals will often reject photos, so let's get this right from the start. From one session, you get a 3D Virtual Tour, internal and external photographs, site and floor plans plus a property website to share.

Virtual marketing and tours are a standard Next Address feature in our Premium and Ultimate Packages. All the above ensures you are ready to market your home anywhere online.

Next Address- Signboards

Did you know 60% of us move less than 6 km, so signboards are essential? People do "drive-bys of streets and suburbs they like. So a simple For Sale signboard with the contact details is all you need. Signs are a standard inclusion for all our customers.

Next Address - Seller Dashboard for Managing Inspections

The Next Address Dashboard allows you to manage and control all inspections. We believe you know your home best and can talk to buyers about all its features. Arranging inspections to suit you is easy. You know all your homes features, the changes and upgrades made since you purchased it. You know the answers to all the questions a buyer may ask. You are the best person to sell your home. 

Once you have received your matches, a simple email to set up suitable times is all you need.

We don't believe you need to hold open houses just for the neighbours to see your renovations or have a Colour brochure and flyers as 90% of buyers are on the net. They can check it out on the website!

Next Address -Negotiating a Price

Every day of our lives, we communicate and negotiate, so why do we think these skills leave us when we are selling our most significant asset? The truth is, they don't. It is also true that many real estate agents do not have extensive training in negotiating successfully.

Negotiating a price need not be scary. You have done your research and have your independent valuation on your property. We have a 'Negotiation Offer Document' ready for you to use. And be assured our trained negotiators are lawyers and are available when and if you need. No stress here!

Next Address - Enjoy full control

Selling your home yourself puts you in control. You know who is coming, when and you have their contact details. The best part is you can follow them up and see if they are interested - no more hanging around waiting for the agent to ring with feedback.

Next Address - Extra Support

A member of the Next Address team is available 8 am to 8 pm weekdays to support and advise you too.

You are the one who knows your home the best.

Your home is your castle; you know it best. It is unrealistic to think an agent will remember all these details when their office could be managing 100 additional listings, and yours is just one.

And remember

You have done the hard parts. Prepared the home for sale and spent the whole morning cleaning the house, tidying the kids' playroom, mowing the lawns. Now for 30 minutes, you will leave your home for someone else to stand at the door and take names and phone numbers.

This agent then locks up your home and heads off to their next open house. You now sit around and wait to know how many people came through and if any were interested. If you were present, you would know the answer to this and may even know if there was a keen buyer.

Choosing to sell a property is a significant decision.

We know this is your most significant decision, and we want to help you get it right.

Experience control, transparency with Next Address

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