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Born to Disrupt and the creation of a dis-intermediary.

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Born to Disrupt and the creation of a disintermediary
Posted 06 March 2018

Am I A Raider?

In my European History class, I remember I always wanted to understand why raiders and explorers did what they did.  In science I wanted to know: what motivated the clever to research? Fundamentally it is a desire not to accept the status quo, to not be afraid of change and to want to influence the world we know.

So how does that lead to Next Address and its role as a Dis-intermediary?

What is a dis-intermediary?

Anything that removes the 'middle man' (intermediary) in a supply chain. A disintermediary often allows the consumer to interact directly with the producing company. Next Address is a real estate dis-intermediary.

Elon Musk step aside, Starship Enterprise park your ship, there is a new kid in town using a barrage of state of the art tech. They are driving Real Estate competitors to the wall and transforming an industry. Their name? Next Address.

The digital world is abuzz about the emerging popularity of this disruptive real estate platform, founded by Victorian entrepreneur Julie O'Donohue. When Julie actioned her plan to transform the notoriously shady industry she knew she needed something with a punch and a team of talented know how by her side.

"I knew Uber and Airbnb were great successes, and I wondered how we could do this with real estate. How can we take this industry that needs restoration and integrity while creating an experience for buyers and sellers that is both amazing and results driven? I knew it needed tech and lots of it, and this is the result."

The combination of tech used includes an incredibly efficient in-house R+D winning integrative Algorithm matching buyers and sellers accurately using granular data. San Francisco company Fyuse jumped on board with spatial photographic technology to immerse the user inside homes. These tools, in addition to Zapier, Chatfuel and LiveChat, have fuelled a killer combo, and the results are impressive. Apparently, a few more secret herbs and spices are going on behind the curtain, but lips are firmly sealed!

So why the success? The buyer matching platform is highly effective. However, it is also the comprehensive toolkit and high-end marketing that creates the high sales results for buyers and sellers. Both parties have a comprehensive suite of tools, from styling their home, selling their home, how-tos galore, checklists and so on. It enables the seller and buyer to purchase and sell their real estate. There is also an affiliation alongside other selling platforms that helps to maximise exposure, and there's room for Real Estate Agents who want to get on board with integrity. But the ultimate popularity vote comes from the thousands of dollars users save.

"Real Estate agents are approaching us en masse. There are agents out there who are passionate about helping people buy and sell homes, versus the sleazy stock selling power agent manipulating and steering things to suit their back pocket," says Julie. "The agents approaching us know that the tech works and realise they are backed by an entire impressive team at Next Address, invested in making it all happen."

And you can invest in this dis-intermediary for as little as $500. But don't let that figure hold you back. Since launching their equity raise through Birchal 5 weeks ago, Next Address has received 171 EOIs (Expressions of Interest) to a maximum value of $1 Million.

To find out more go to  Birchal and Next Address now to learn more about equity crowd-sourced funding and Next Address. It's not too late to get involved.

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