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Be part of the real estate revolution
Posted 15 April 2016

To us it is creating a service ?

So you are thinking about moving house. Do you find the idea of buying and selling daunting, with all the inspections, lost Saturdays, open houses, dealing with real estate agents and paying thousands of $$$ in commissions? I know exactly how you feel. From my personal and professional experience, I can share some real estate stories and experiences which would make your toes curl!

But imagine buying or selling for the price you want and reflecting the value of the home, without using an agent or paying commission or paying for expensive ineffective advertising. Imagine being able to target your home searches to your needs and having complete control over the whole process.

Well stop imagining and join the growing group of buyers and sellers using Next Address.

We all use ride/taxi sharing apps, we book holidays direct with home owners, many find dates online and now there's a way to buy or sell homes. The Next Address service simply and easily connects real estate buyers and sellers directly to each other.  No third parties or middlemen involved! 

Next Address is a full-service solution to buying or selling your home yourself. We've developed comprehensive seller and buyer guides for you to download, information blogs and resources to guide your every step, informative videos to view, links to all the relevant information as well as an online help service and access to industry professionals should you wish to get some support for some of the elements of the process.

If you are selling, our low service fee will link you directly to motivated buyers and we can arrange for your home to be listed on  Domain.com.au at a fraction of the fee charged by a real estate agent.  

If you are buying there is absolutely no charge to sign up and let our property matchmakers find you the properties that best suit your needs. It really is like online dating but it's for homes. 

So let's get your home sold and let's find your perfect new one.

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